Vivian Maier- Who Took Nanny's Pictures?

Credits: neja

Of course I heard something about that mysterious woman who took tons of pictures but never was famous. Something about the storage full of undeveloped films. I saw both Lomography and EyeEm running Vivian Maier themed photo contests, but I didn’t really focus to fully comprehend.
But last night it all changed. I have watched a wonderful documentary by BBC Imagine series “Vivian Maier- Who Took Nanny’s Pictures?” and of course I was blown away by this whole story.
I have also realised that Vivian was a true Queen of selfies:)
You can watch it in full here:

One of the people who owns a lot of her photos refused to take part in BBC filming because he was doing his own movie – FINDING VIVIAN MAIER which is out now. But I heard very unflattering reviews about it:
@Watched Finding Vivian Maier two days ago and found it serving the interest of the director/producer and not the work." says @hind. She also shared the review she has found in Hyperallergic : “Finding Vivian Maier is singularly focused on Maloof and his relationship with the dead photographer; nowhere along the way does the film mention that anyone else had also bought and discovered Maier’s work at that same Chicago auction.”

I guess we have to watch both and then decide for ourselves.

written by neja on 2014-07-30


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