One man's excess is another's new joy...


I have a lot of cameras. I can not deny it. I am sure some people here have more than I do, but I now I am at the point where several overlap in abilities or are just plain duplicates. I do my best to rotate my cameras. I admit I am more apt to keep one my LC- (X) in my bag than any other, but some are getting almost no use at all. That is no way to treat a camera I once carried for weeks on end as I learned from it. I did not feel I could recover any monetary value from them as I doubt the second hand market for anything less than a Diana or a LC-A would be high.

A few weeks ago, a coworker approached my wife asking about cameras. They know she puts my pictures on her desk top, and my wife is no slouch with shutter either. The coworker’s daughter wanted a Diana Mini. My wife asked me some questions about it and passed it along. Last weekend, I inquired if that young lady ever got her Diana Mini; the answer was no. I went into my camera area with a small bag and dug out my Holga 135 and a Ultra Wide and Slim clone and put them inside. I gave my wife some simple tips to pass on to the young lady.

I bought Holga 135 when I thought I could not get 120 film developed in my area. I also found the UW&S could not compete with the LC-Wide. They had served me well until I got 120s and more technical cameras. But that did not mean they could not bring joy to another.

I hear she knows about and that her eyes lit up with the sight of those two cameras. If you read this Miss, I welcome you to a world of fun and hope you enjoy them as I once did.

written by neanderthalis on 2012-09-26