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I started to discover Lomography back then in 2008. When I went to my friend’s room, Faisal, and was amazed by the astonishing colour and super vivid picture of his Lomo wall. I thought that he is a professional photographer. But then, he told me about Lomography and those pictures were taken using a film camera, from the Soviet Union era, LCA. Later I googled what is LCA, and fall in love in first sight.

Photo by naqi

In 2009, I took Lomography as the topic for my Presentation Skills class. Faisal lent me 4 Lomography cameras – LCA, Actionsampler, Colorsplash and Holga. This is the start where I learned from zero on how to load films, the types of the films, what is cross process, types of cameras and many more. It turns out that the lecturer and members of floor enjoyed my presentation. I was so pleased and realized that I need to have my own camera.

Few months later, I owned my first film camera, Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (UWS). Although this camera was not a Lomography camera, it was the cheapest in town and the pictures got vignette effect which resembles the LCA. This was my first roll

For some reason, I find out that using a point-and-shoot camera did not amuse me anymore. I bought my first manual control camera, Lomo Smena 8m and without been realized, I’m addicted to Lomography. However, my passion to own a LCA was not being washed away. I bought Olympus XA2 as the replacement for LCA because as a student, I can’t afford the LCA/LCA+ camera. For the mean time, I was pleased with XA2.

Day by days, I started to collect many film cameras. From the rangefinder, Yashica Electro 35 GSN, to the TLR, Lubitel 2 and the newest member in family, Sprocket Rocket. I hope one day, I can own my first LCA or LCA+, and of course, with the wide lens kits hehe

Thanks for reading. Lomo on!

written by naqi


  1. clickiemcpete


    Great article, I enjoyed it! :)

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  2. naqi


    thanks clickiemcpete =)

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  3. gnarlyleech


    I started out with an XA2 also. It takes good pictures. too good maybe. I finally was able to get an LC-A+. and it was worth it. For Lomography, the LC-A+ is the best and everyone should own one. I hope you can get one someday.

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  4. naqi


    thanks gnarlyleech. reading your article inspire me to get my first lca. thanks again ;)

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  5. javihacefotos


    great article!! Thank you for using me as a reference for your sprocket! very good blog and beautiful photos! congratulations

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  6. naqi


    thanks javihacefotos. your sprocket photos are truly great. i love it

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  7. darryl1208


    A very good article, and very fine pictures.
    And please bea lucky that you learned analog photography just when starting LOMOs. coming back from decades of (D)SLRs to simple cameras lika an XA2 or even a Diana, is more difficult than to begin it as a newbie.

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  8. doubleswithvicuna


    That's a cool story about the start of your lomo-addiction :)) And great photos!! :))

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  9. squamy


    Great article and such beautiful photos! :)

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  10. naqi


    thanks for all the likes and support
    @darryl1208 thanks for all the kind words. maybe it takes time for you to suit yourself with lomo as you have spent about 20 years with the SLR. but I think you are doing great! I love your shots

    @doubleswithvicuna thanks vicuna. looking forward to have double with you one day =)

    @squamy thanks. your articles are great too =)

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  11. akmal


    nice one bro.. sprocket kau beli..perghh nk try bro??heheh
    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  12. naqi


    @akmal haha bole je. sprocket free..guna piggies. thanks mal

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  13. neurodiaz


    Nice shots bro, :D. Someday I will get my own LCA too, haha. :)

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  14. konbiw


    very good article! smena it's cool camera

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  15. antibiotyx


    go for l-ca+! hope you get it. start saving now. ;)

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  16. naqi


    thanks guys

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