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Bottle Cap Camera Tripod

Yes, we know that tripods are cumbersome, but they are a necessary evil. Make things easier and simpler with this little DIY hack!

Joel Cooper’s Stunning Origami Masks

While most of us would produce flowers and animals given a single sheet of paper to fold, American origami artist Joel Cooper can create wonderful masks that look as if they were woven using countless strips of paper!

Adorable snaps from Toyokazu Nagano's 'Kiss Me Please' Project will melt your heart

The photography world has been abuzz over the beautiful snaps taken by a Japanese photographer for his ongoing series, and once you've taken a look, it's easy to understand why. Read on to take a look at the adorable photos and find out more about them!

Guilty Pleasures - Blue Camera Edition

It's summer time and we love the blue skies, waters and cameras! So, let us know which blue Lomography camera gets your heart racing and palms sweaty for your chance to win some piggies.

Mes fotos de la lomotrobada!
Vanishing XPRO point
poor result -- only 2 out of 12 photos are nice , 10 are totally over-/underexposed :-( ...
Home developed C41 and Diana Multi Pinhole Operator
one of my favourite cameras , the Holga Wide Pinhole
one of my favourite cameras , the Holga Wide Pinhole
dahlia / pinhole

500 Most Popular Photos (So Far) for 2013 (Part 5)

To celebrate our latest milestone of reaching 500,000 likes on Facebook, we would like to showcase throughout the week the 500 most popular photos to date, as judged by you, our beloved community members! If you've seen the 400 beautiful lomographs of 2013 that we have previously shared, you must be super curious to see the final 100 lomographs on the roster! So, what are you waiting for? Read on!

Scanning Film Using Your Mobile Phone or Tablet PC

Do you have rolls and rolls of processed films waiting to be scanned, but you can't attend to it because your flatbed scanner doesn't support film? Well, PetaPixel says you can work with that scanner if you have a large-screen mobile phone or tablet! Find out how in this article!

9 Tips for a Perfect Portrait Background

Flatter your portrait subject with the perfect background, even if you don’t have professional backdrops or lighting. A little exposure and composition know-how can get you a long way toward a beautiful portrait background.

Self Process
olivia dewi

Tipster of the Week: Tastes Like a Decaf

Most of us use a variety of cameras and different films in order to actualise whatever that is we have perceived or, at most times, to surprise ourselves. Intentional or not, either way, it doesn’t matter because there is love in analogue! – And this is what our Tipster has to share with us this week!

Mask It!

Add your own flavor to your Lomographs!

365 Day Pinhole Exposure of the Toronto Skyline

A Toronto photographer decided to make a 365-day exposure of the Toronto Skyline. Impressed with the idea? Read on to find out more!

Stunt Photography by Li Wei

What do you get when you give a stuntman a camera? Cleverly-produced acrobatic photos, no doubt! Chinese artist and modern illusionist Li Wei creates seemingly impossible set-ups for his improbable images seen below. Take note that Photoshop was NOT used!

DIY Cable Release for the Diana F+

Do you want to shoot self-portraits with your Diana F+? But the Diana cable release is too short and longer ones are too expensive for you? No problem, you can simply make your own diy cable release. All you need is a stable tripod and a string.

Tipster of the Week: Melt That Plastic in Your Camera!

How to make beautiful borders for your Diana pictures with just a few pices of plastic, tape, and a lighter!

LomoWalk after work
back again

Some Tips on Redscale

If you love a limited color palette and shades of red, you've likely already discovered redscale film. Despite a simple concept, the range of achievable results with this inexpensive film is huge. Read on for a few simple tips!

Show Your Films by Candlelight

If you have some film negatives in your drawer that didn't make you very happy, it's time to bring it to the light. You can create a very analogue environment with this tipster!

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