Make your Prophecy Rumble Submission


So i made two videos for the competition. One being for the prophecy “Let Loose with Lomography”.
I made a half stop motion and half video movie! I just thought of a little storyline and made a song to go with it. Please note i have no experience with singing whatsoever so im not much good, and i only learnt some guitar basics to make the song, so its pretty simple! In the video im not only trying to show that people let loose with lomography, but that in a way you let your camera loose, and lose control of it and let it surprise you!
The second video is for the prophecy “Leave the digital grind behind”. Its also stop motion in a way, i made a sketch of a digital camera evolving into a analogue one! The song in the background is called “At a Georgia Camp Meeting”. I recorded it from a very old vinyl i found at home from the ragtime. I checked, and its old enough for me not to need a license to use it!

Check it out ->

I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as i enjoyed making them!

written by nadinadu on 2011-07-15


  1. lisi
    lisi ·

    gefällt mir!! wo in deutschland wohnst du? sieht so schön aus :D

  2. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    danke! ich wohn in München, habe es direkt an der Isar gefilmt! :)