One Year Anniversary of My POTD

Credits: mylatehope

It was one year ago today that my photo “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was chosen as the Photo of the Day here on the site. I got an overwhelming response on what film this Kodak EIR was and how lomographers could get their hands on it. After fielding many requests, and trying to point people in the right direction on how to use it, I am very thrilled to see all of the beautiful EIR photographs being posted to this site. It really is a splendid film and (in my opinion) very easy to use compared to most black and white infrared films. Unfortunately it is very expensive and can only be bought from one person in the whole world! I still have a few rolls of this from my original purchase, but I’m saving it for a moment of inspiration (like the one I received on my “Lucy” photoshoot).

Credits: mylatehope

I still have a few rolls to load from my trip to China. I recently moved to a new place, so I ’ve been very busy unpacking. Soon I will post the rest of the photos and I look forward to going out and shooting some new material!

written by mylatehope on 2011-11-22


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    congrats I drink a beer for your celebration : ))

  3. dakadev_pui
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    my favorite photo !

  4. wilfbiffherb
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    haha, even remember this day! didnt realise it was a year ago!!

  5. hervinsyah
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    Big fan of you. Maybe you should keep the rest of the film for your youngest daughter ^_^

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    congrats dear increible album ^_=

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    congrats there!

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    Congratulation! :)

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    superb picture! congrats

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    I've never been POTD... :( But I remember your picture being! Congrats!

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    congratulations :)

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    EIR is most my most wanted film! lomography has do produce it, really! Happy Anniversary ^_^

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    Amazing pictures!