I still have to scan the second (and final) roll of Kodachrome slides that I mailed off to Dwayne’s at the end of last year. They mostly have Christmas images. I think I have been putting it off because once that roll is scanned, I will never scan any Kodachome again, ever. Meanwhile, I grouped a bunch of photos from my archives into an album dedicated to my little one:
Hopefully I will scan and post the Kodachrome slides by the end of the week. I also have around 8 rolls of film that need to be developed. The local lab that I used no longer processes film! I guess I will be sending all my rolls to SF Photoworks from now on!

written by mylatehope on 2011-02-15

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  1. lomosb
    lomosb ·

    walgreens or cvs pharmacy is cool for developement unless your not in america