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Lomo T-shirt Printing!

Nothing feels better than wearing a shirt you designed yourself!

X-Pro the Other Way Around

Try x-pro the other way around and have some nice colored positives instead of negatives

Tutorial: All About the Dreaded Fungus

Fungus can slowly take over and destroy your precious lenses and film. If you are still not aware of this problem that could be growing on your gear, get acquainted with this guide which explains, among other things, what fungus is, what it does to your equipment, and how you can prevent it.

DIY Color Filters for Fisheye Built-In Flash

Excited to do colored MX portrait shots with your Fisheye No. 2 but low on funds for that funky Colorsplash flash? Don't fret! There's always a way! Grab a pair of scissors, a couple of uninflated balloons and/or colored cloths, and a roll of tape... and get ready!

DIY Pinhole Instax Camera

A simple modification to convert an LCA+ Instant Back into a stand-alone homebrew pinhole camera, using only a few things found around the house, and only taking 30-60 minutes.

Can you spot us?

Lomography Gallery Store Singapore is settling down in the cultural enclave - Chinatown. Where exactly? We are giving you hints! Spot the shop house before we turn it into an analogue space specially for your Lomographic ventures and cultural treats!

Dress up your Camera!

Even if you have a tiny budget but still want to give your Holga and/or Recesky TLR a new look, you can! All you need is a printer, sticker paper and a dash of creativity (:

Instax Business Cards

Different. Business cards that marry Digital to Analog. Something personally created that is different every time. A unique product that raises peoples interest in it, and the process that creates it.

Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 3: The Fisheye 01 Camera

The first result of our intense goldfish studies. Slick fellas such as Wide-angle Willie, Close-up Jimmy, Flashing Frida, Sunlight Shankar & Cross-process Sheila inspired us to make this camera. Have a quick read through its features and functions before you meet the fish and dive into the roundtable discussions!

Give Your Camera a New Summer Look and Have a Refreshing Summer Vacation!

We have new looks at each season, how could our cameras stick to an old look? Let's have a make-over and give your camera a new look immediately!

Tutorial: How to Repair your Fisheye 2

Are you in love with your Fisheye but it's no longer working and the guarantee is expired? I was in that hopeless situation, but I was in luck because my dad is better than McGyver. We dismantled it to find the problem and to repair it. In our case the wind on wheel was blocked for a broken piece into the wheel. If it is your problem follow this guide. If you have other problems perhaps this article could be interesting for learn how disassemble your Fisheye 2 and how find the problem.

Lost Your Mini Lens Cap? Have No Fear - A Quick DIY Fix Is Here!

If you're anything like me, your Diana Mini lens cap is long gone. But have no fear! There's a simple and quick solution - make your own mini lens cap out of things you already have laying around the house!