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Ahhhhh Lightleak nightmare!

Deja Vu - Making the Stereoscopic Film Box Pinhole Camera 2.0

I recently made a 3D stereoscopic pinhole camera from some empty film boxes and being a perfectionist, I decided to give it another go. This tutorial will show you how I made an improved version with the added feature of shooting half framed sprocket shots too. Go grab yourselves some film boxes!

The LOMO LC-A+ Selfie Showdown

Our beloved LC-A's 29th birthday is coming up, so we'll celebrate by featuring the community's favorite subject - yourselves!

Mi Navidad Lomography!!!

Capturing Ghostly Movements At Night

Ever wanted to capture a ghost in you photo but never had? Here’s a tip how, so read on!

Shoot with Redscale in Overcast Weather!

Do you like overcast weather? I prefer sunny days for going out and shooting films, however, I also do like overcast because it's the best time to shoot with redscale! I love shooting in redscale, and in this article I'll let you in on secrets for how to master shooting in redscale in overcast weather!

Seeing Double - 3 Tips for Making Doubles

"Oh help, I'm seeing double" - Don't worry, it's just Double Exposures. But it's not always that simple as it sounds. Here are three basic hints that helped me and will hopefully help you too with your doubles.

Quick Orange-Filter for the LC-A

Black and White films have one weakness: they do not see enough difference between the blue of the sky and the white of clouds. This filter is a remedy.

Rollei to Release New Models at 2012 Photokina

Word is out that Rollei, the makers of the well-loved Rolleiflex series of cameras, is planning on showing off two new models at the 2012 Photokina event next week. Learn more after the jump!

Redscale Technique: The Principle of Light Penetrability

I do not know if this is a unique idea; if it is, then I am taking my claim to immortality. Introducing, the "Principle of Light Penetrability" by Rene M. Nob.

Day and Night LomoWall Rumble

Analogue magic from sunrise to sundown; that’s how we roll. Don’t you? For this rumble we’re asking you to build a LomoWall which reflects the duality of day and night. Get building!

A BBC Documentary: The Lomo Camera, Shoot from the Hip

A highly interesting BBC documentary from 2004 tells the story of the Lomo factory, and the Lomography movement, with many interesting interviews and lots of nice imagery.

Wherever My Feet May Take Me...

I don't know why but it just seems so incredibly easy to take photos of your feet. It's almost like a default when there's nothing else to take photos of. And luckily, some neat shots can come out of it!

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