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Redscale Your Prints By Using Instant Coffee and Tea

This is a very simple tutorial to make your Lomo prints looks like you shoot it with redscale film with just using coffee and some tea.


When going through my pictures, I noticed that I’ve taken quite a lot of pictures of food. Well, there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of things that you enjoy, especially if it’s mouth watering good! But how do you get those dishes looking tasty on film too?

See Through your La Sardina DIY Using this Easy to Make Trompe l’œil Cover

Dress up your La Sardina DIY camera to look as if it has not been covered at all! A step-by-step guide to creating a see-through optical illusion for your do-it-yourself sardine cam.

Taking Back Tipsters: More La Sardina Tips

Did you miss Taking Back Tipsters? The series is back with more tips and tricks for you to try with the La Sardina! Take a look back at some previously published La Sardina tipsters by your fellow lomographers after the jump!

Love Unexpected October - Haunting Love Winners Announcement

We asked you to spook us in the most analogue way possible by letting you submit your most hair-raising Lomographs!

Pinholes & Sprockets - Making a Film Box Pinhole Camera!

Kodak? Fuji? Whatever film you use, save those empty film boxes my fellow lomographers and I'll show you how to can make your very own pinhole camera with them!

Leica x Lego

Art meets analogue meets digital in this fun creation by artist Mr. Attacki. Using special LEGO pieces, he recreated the Leica M8 camera, complete with viewfinder, shutter button, and even an LCD display! Of course, it's still just a toy.

Be Little in a Bottle

Some say "the bigger, the better," but we think the "smaller, the cuter!" If you think snowglobes are adorable, wait til you see the "Tiny World in a Bottle" project by Akinobu Izumi. Using her experience as an architecture model maker, Izumi creates microscopic biomes that fit right into a minuscule vial!


Ricoh Xobbox: A Completely Transparent Camera

The Xobbox is a limited edition version of the model LF-22 manufactured by Ricoh in 1993. It’s a point and shoot camera that's all transparent!

How to Put a Handstrap on your La Sardina

In this simple Tipster I'll explain to you the necessary steps to put a handstrap to your camera La Sardina.

Both sides of the daily life
Last rolls from Essen
Portraits de Mode
Super Burned!
In the Garden
前田利家像 with flowers
Nagoya Castles
Не спать в Москве
It's Summertime
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)
Broken camera (Fuji STX2)

Macro or Close-Up Lomography with DIY Lens

This is a no-cost way to get into macro photography. You only need a string, little tape, used up glasses, and a tripod. If you like to make surprising experiments with your analog darling, you've got to try it out!

A Fast Way to Develop Color Film

Tired of multi-baths and the steps needed to process color films? The C-41 process requires many steps, but if you use the Nova Pro-speed 41 film developer kit you can reduce the whole procedure to only two baths.

Lomographs From A Fish Can

We just can't get enough of Lomography's very own underwater creature. You smell something fishy, yes? Well, it's time to see something fishy!