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These blind photographers are still taking photos -- How about you?

We all have moments of being stuck in a rut, but once you learn about the struggles and triumphs of blind photographers -- yes, you're reading it right -- I bet you will find no excuse to keep taking pictures for as long as your eyes will let you. Read about the inspiring stories of Sonia Soberats, Gary Albertson, and Pete Eckert after the jump.

DIY Film Canister Bag Tags

Traveling a lot and want to have a fun and quirky way to identify your luggage in the airport? Here's a quick how-to on making your own film canister bag tag!

just grass

Themed Projects for Analogues: Self-Portrait from Reflections

I was inspired by Adam Bronkhorst, author of Lens Flair, who creates projects with a particular theme that you can try yourself to take really interesting and varied images. Take a look at what I did after the jump!

My Favorite Lomographs

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Lomography, we're on the lookout for your favorite Lomographs. Are you guys curious about the Lomo staff's own? Then read on!

another try on Aerochrome
Pangandaran Kite Festival 2011

Basics of Keeping Your Negs Safe

If you don't want your film to be ruined, follow these tips!

500 People in 100 Seconds

We ran into this link on a friend's Facebook page and we couldn't resist sharing it! Not only is it awesome that they had over 1,500 images developed, the stop motion within the stop motion really had us smiling. Check out the video!

Creator of 500 People in 100 Seconds Talks to Lomography

We were mesmerized by his video and it seems like you are too! We caught up with Eran Amir, the creator of 500 People in 100 Seconds to ask him some questions we thought you might want answered. We also shared all your comments with him. Read after the jump for what he has to say!

Make Your Prophecy Rumble

Following on from our Shoot your Prophecy Rumble, we've upped the stakes again and have some even bigger prizes to offer you in our MEGA Make Your Prophecy Rumble!! Read on for details, you won't want to miss out on this one!

Room divider!

What to do with the empty film canisters? Look what a splendid idea RePlayGround had: a room divider!

A Beginner's Guide to Star Trail Photography

Let's call this an overview to the basics of star trail photography for beginners from the pros. These are a short collection of techniques I've read and learned from books and tutorials that I want to share with you.

How to Use the Earth's Rotation to Your Advantage

I've had a lot of questions on how I took my most popular photo, so I thought I'd share how to capture star trails. Enjoy!

An Early Instant X-Mas Tree

Don't have time to buy a X-Mas tree and want to get a Lomo-Style decoration? Go to a friend's house during X-Mas time, take pics of their tree and build up your own with an "instant touch".

Film Canister Christmas Lights

Have you ever had a roll of 35mm film that did not turn out well? Now is your chance to use it! (Or take some shots of different textures.) These are great for your Christmas tree or to put anywhere as decoration.

Secret Messages from a Spool.

A fellow film photographer's birthday coming? Need ideas for the coming festive season? Well giving someone a 120film as a gift just got interesting!