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using distagon 50mm f4
using distagon 50mm f4
using distagon 50mm f4

Best of the Best: Francesca Woodman

"Things looked funny because my pictures depend on an emotional state... I know this is true and I thought about this for a long time. Somehow it made me feel very, very good." – Francesca Woodman

Finishing the film roll

Influential Photographs: Migrant Mother, 1936 by Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange's photograph, entitled Migrant Mother, expressed deep emotional impact. The creases on the mother's face showed despair and longing. Her desperate eyes yielded a flicker of hope. Her children were the pillars of her strength. She was a woman who battled depression.

Hand-toned with Sepia Toner
flawed reflection: Holga Print on  PE
Hand-toned with Sepia Toner
Hand-toned with Sepia Toner

The Circular Snapshots of the Kodak No.1 (c.1890)

Today, we take photography for granted. Anyone can take a photograph simply by pressing a button. Yet, it was not always so simple.

The Zone System Rumble
The Zone System Rumble
The Zone System Rumble

Michael Massaia's Large Format Photography

Large format photographer and print maker Michael Massaia photographs landscapes, still life and city life with his large format camera. See some of his magnificent images after the break.

Stop Motion Animation: Corpse Bride

A fantasy/musical stop motion animated film, Corpse Bride is an engaging story of love, betrayal, commitment, and getting even.

From Famous to Infamous: Frank Sinatra's Mug Shot

With Jane Fonda and Al Pacino featured in the previous installments of From Famous to Infamous, we now move on to another prominent Hollywood celebrity who made a name for himself as an actor and singer. We now present to you, the mug shot of the young Frank Sinatra.

*magic swans*

Powerful War Photographs

In the industry, war photographers are among the most respected and their photos the most sought out and powerful. Why's this?

Sepulchral: A Journey in the Necropolis by Ellen Rogers: Ideas

"But the truth is everyone battles the war of ideas, however it’s easier if you immerse yourself in a world you have built and understand. You need not look too far for inspiration this way, you own this world, this in my case, is the ‘Aberrant Necropolis,’" according to our ever-lovely muse, Ellen Rogers. Get stunned by her photographs once again after the break.

My teacher's Rolleiflex