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Dress up your Camera!

Even if you have a tiny budget but still want to give your Holga and/or Recesky TLR a new look, you can! All you need is a printer, sticker paper and a dash of creativity (:

DIY Recyclable Lens Cap

Nobody likes losing their lens cap but as we all know, that small little piece plastic is so easy to misplace! Well, fret no more because the DIY lens cap is here to save the day!

A Girlie Guide to Film Archiving

Are your desk drawers overflowing with billions of unmarked envelopes of negatives? Well if you love Post-Its, Sharpies, tape and scissors, here’s a cool, and SUPER organized way to store your negatives!

A Camera with X-Ray Film

Do you want to know a large format camera that uses X-ray film? A photographer has created a handmade camera for personal use and the results are fantastic. Be sure to know.

Vienna’s Old Photo Booth in MuseumsQuartier

A visit to the “Photoautomat” placed in MuseumsQuartier in Vienna is one of the must-do things if you are around town. This photo booth will take you to a dreamy world of joy in just a few seconds and in four flashes. Sit comfortably on its tiny chair, draw the curtain, pay €2 in coins, and get yourself immortalized in four poses!

Tutorial: All About the Dreaded Fungus

Fungus can slowly take over and destroy your precious lenses and film. If you are still not aware of this problem that could be growing on your gear, get acquainted with this guide which explains, among other things, what fungus is, what it does to your equipment, and how you can prevent it.

When Fashion Wears Lomography

Milan, during Fashion week, is crowded by stylists, models, curious viewers, perfume scents and red carpets. The whole city is dressed up in different colorful fabrics as if it should parade under the big spotlights.

Lightpainting workshop in Madrid

Sweeping the Horizon in a Box

It is said that the Olympus XA2 is usually called the poor man's LCA. So I call my experiment camera here as poor man's Horizon. the angle of view is around 115 degrees, but you can make it wider of course!

Why Wide, You Ask?

"Why wide?" one might ask. Hearing the words "wide angle lens" doesn't really mean anything to me, it took me awhile to find a way to understand what it really means, so I'll try to explain it the way I came to understand it.

Make Your Pictures Roll!

Fisheye Camera / Lens + Fisheye Circle Cutter = Circular Photos!

Rock Quarry (Nashville, Tn)

In the seemingly boring, middle-of-nowhere Tennessee, there is a rock company off the interstate and if you sneak past the fences and no trespassing signs, and make it past the driveway you will find the most beautiful quarry you have ever seen. The bluest water in Nashville and huge rock formations to climb and jump off of. Just don't get caught.

My Perfect Archive System to Store Negatives: Useful, Easy and Cheap

One thing that really makes me angry is the fact of knowing that I have something but I can´t find it by the chaos and the disorder. It was crazy trying to find a negative to re-scan, make copies on paper or simply see it. It was virtually impossible to find it immediately. It took hours and hours looking in all places to have the negative. The situation was desperate.

Recycle Your Lomo Packaging!

Do you have a need to keep all things Lomo, including the packaging? Well here is one of many ways to recycle your Lomo packaging.

Analogue Arrangement: How I Save My Negatives

After shooting 10 rolls worth of pictures, I discovered that it's not that practical to have all those plastic sheets with negatives lounging around. I wanted to scan some negatives again and had to fight myself through a jungle of images to find out which group they were in. And it's always the one you check last...

Using Google Maps for an Analogue Lifestyle

Who wants to play a game? Exploring different cities with Google maps is so yesterday; now, its time for an analogue lomo-walk game!

Quick Tips for Using a Pinhole Camera

Using a pinhole camera may appear primitive but you might be surprised to see the images that you can produce with this simple object!