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Share and Share Alike for a Chance to Win Big!

Want to win more than 500 Euro worth of Lomography products? Share this competition and you might just be the lucky one! So here's the deal, we want to make a competition, but we want at least 3000 people to know about it. Come on, Lomography has 441,278 likes and 33,427 are talking about us on Facebook. We can reach 3000 shares in no time!

Celebrate the Tribeca Film Festival with the LomoKino

The LomoKino allows you to shoot motion pictures on any 35mm film and direct your own Lomographic movies. Grab a group of friends and team up to create your own short film.

Film Photography Project Featured the LomoKino

Michael Raso from Film Photography Podcast on Youtube, made a nice video about the LomoKino, where he talks about the product. Also, a couple of tips and tricks can be found in the video.

highway 290 east texas
Gregorio juega de portero
Carritos abandonados en la nevada
Light Pollution // Contaminación Lumínica
Barcelona 5 Real Madrid 0

The Lomography Win Your Wishlist

Are you desiring something so badly in our Online Shop? Is it the LomoKino? The LC-Wide perhaps? A La Sardina sounds pretty neat, too!

..a few more cowboys and horses
Happy new year