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  • The Nikon F5

    The Nikon F5
    Here's the much awaited decided sequel of the four way battle royale for the coveted award of “Best Camera From An In Law” So, LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!
  • The Canon AE - 1

    The Canon AE - 1
    When I first moved to Denmark my in laws seem to think that I like cameras and to them this meant I could be a dumping ground for all their old junk. In my first week I inherited 4 cameras A canon AE 1, Nikon F5, Minolta SRT 3o3 and a canon canonette- I like my In laws. SO I decided I will review them all in a four way battle royale for the coverted award of “Best Camera From An In Law” I will be judging the cameras on 4 elements (each with a maximum available score of 10 Woops). The elements are: 1 Aesthetics, 2 Functionality and practicality, 3 image quality, 4 Mattness ( I am not really sure what this is yet) and to help me out I have called in some top quality A list celeb judges. So: LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!
  • Lomography's New Limited Edition Camera!

    Lomography's New Limited Edition Camera!
    We're proud to introduce a new camera that our designers and engineers painstakingly created. You're in for a big surprise after the jump!
  • My Analogue Heart

    My Analogue Heart
    So I have been missing from the Lomography world for a while now. I am unsure what happened but something inside me broke, something went, something unseen, unheard and unknown silently left and analogue photography, film, cameras and Lomo was nothing more than a void.
  • Negative Fashion

    Negative Fashion
    Don't have any thing to wear? does this make you feel down? Have you used up all your savings on those lovely celluloid films you recently hoarded? Dont' be negative - wear them!
  • The Importance Of Lomography

    The Importance Of Lomography
    For a while now I have been wanting to write about the importance of Lomography, not just in terms of keeping analogue alive, but the importance of the community and the actual effect of Lomography on the individual. Until recently I did not really know how to begin but now I do.
  • The Smeller

    The Smeller
    The city of Aarhus has a very large and active film and media side. So big in fact that they built a purpose made office building with studios so that more collaborations could be forged. I was fortunate enough to work with Picturewise in this complex.
  • Bazar Vest

    Bazar Vest
    In the middle of a rather snowy Denmark (well sometimes its not snowy) is a little piece of eastern culture. Bazar Vest is a Turkish market, but it's more than that, it's a mini Turkey.
  • Garden Gallery

    Garden Gallery
    This is not really a location you will find on any map, but should you find yourself in Vammen in Denmark then I am sure the curator of this ever changing wonder land would be more than happy to give you a look round (and probably give you a beer).
  • Carpe Friday

    Carpe Friday
    It's Friday, Friday, Friday! Let's bring some good vibes and analogue cheer with everyone's favourite woop woop veteran!
  • Amazing Flashing Baubles

    Amazing Flashing Baubles
    Ho ho ho ho ho Lomo!!! Christmas is here and if you are anything like me, you have started to stock up on film and the like, but what about your flash? Why not give it a very festive makeover!
  • Tipster of the Week: Brightness Beyond the Hotshoe

    Tipster of the Week: Brightness Beyond the Hotshoe
    It's that time again when days get shorter and nights grow longer than the usual, but this didn’t affect our beloved Tipster here! In fact he thought of something that will resurrect one of his Lomo tool into something really useful and will give you brilliant effects, guranteed!
  • mattcharnock's LOMO LC-A Race Commentary (The Story So Far)

    mattcharnock's LOMO LC-A Race Commentary (The Story So Far)
    When I first had the idea for the race I thought it was going to be a quirky bit of fun, when LSI got involved it took on a whole new life. To the point where if I stop and think I am unsure if I can actually comprehend the magnitude of what is happening. So many people are now involved all over the world. This thought has really excited me.
  • Tipster of the Week: Never Goes Out of Style

    Tipster of the Week: Never Goes Out of Style
    As we all know the sunny season is almost done, so it's time to say goodbye to your favourite floral slip dress and to your rubber flip--flops, but not your sunglasses! Not yet! At least that's what our Tipster of the Week told us...
  • Lomography X-Pro Slide (35mm, 200 iso) User-Review

    Lomography X-Pro Slide (35mm, 200 iso) User-Review
    Cross processing is such a long winded term and although that is exactly what happens when the films are developed it seems like an usatisfactory, bathetic, title for the end result. X-Pro on the other hand is a marketing dream! It gives it the illusion of being an extreme sport. Its cooler, much more right. It has the essence of the MTV generation that now use it. Even better though is the title Lomo X-Pro it rolls off the tongue, is fun to say and, if said in a Spanish accent, is quite sexy (how many of you are trying that now?). But is it any good to take pictures with?
  • Mamiya C220: An Analogue Giant

    Mamiya C220: An Analogue Giant
    If my house was on fire and I had to save one thing (other than my wife and child, as they do slightly trump everything) then I am about 99% sure it would be my Millennium Falcon from when I was a kid. If I could save two things then the second would be my Mamiya C220.
  • KONICA C35: Choose Lomography

    KONICA C35: Choose Lomography
    We can all laugh and joke about our camera addiction or our Lomo addiction but there are times when this addiction can actually take over our lives a little bit. It was during such a time that I discovered the Konica C35.
  • Oktomat: Multi Lensed Hero

    Oktomat: Multi Lensed Hero
    So, the big question is will the Oktomat cure my ambivalence by making me either love or hate multi lens cameras or will it simply widen the gulf between my feelings? (See what I did there? Left you on a real cliffhanger!)
  • Tipster of the Week: Something Not Snappy but Crafty

    Tipster of the Week: Something Not Snappy but Crafty
    Yes, we all love film, don't we? Like our friend Matt here who recently hoarded a couple of rolls for his analogue consumption. Now he's here this week with a DIY Tipster inspired by film boxes!
  • Snap Sights SSO2: A Voyage of Underwater Blurriness

    Snap Sights SSO2: A Voyage of Underwater Blurriness
    This camera review was not meant to be about the Snap Sights camera SSO2, in fact is was meant to be about a different underwater camera all together. So: bear with me!