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  • Haunted Movie Sets: The Poltergeist Trilogy

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    Haunted Movie Sets: The Poltergeist Trilogy

    We know them as some of the scariest movies ever to be conceived by the playful human imagination, but perhaps not a lot of us know the real tales of terror behind them. In preparation for Halloween, let's take another look at these horror flicks, starting off with the Poltergeist Trilogy, and learn about the real horror stories behind them!

  • How to Stay Inspired in Film Photography

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    How to Stay Inspired in Film Photography

    Going to the same locations and doing the same things when shooting can sometimes be a drag. When you don’t have inspiration when shooting, your pictures don’t turn out as well. Here are some tips you may want to consider to stay inspired in film photography.

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    For some reason all or most of the pictures have this really weird light leak right in the middle of every photo... and it's the LC-A+ it never produces light leaks... anybody have a clue of what might be wrong?

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    I won a competition in the Spain site, and the prizes were two tickets between other stuff for the Azkena Rock Festival!. Thanks Lomography Spain and Heraclio Founier!.

  • Gissy Dances in The City

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  • Endless *

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