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  • DIY Pinhole Fisheye Camera

    DIY Pinhole Fisheye Camera
    Do you know how glass refracts the light? Everybody knows that from school. So we can use the knowledge from school and build a pinhole fisheye camera.
  • The Old Town of Vilnius

    The Old Town of Vilnius
    Vilnius is well known in Europe of its impressive Old Town. It is not very big but it is one of the oldest medieval old towns in the Northern Europe.
  • Republic of Užupis

    Republic of Užupis
    Užupis is a recognized district for artists and won the name of the most mysterious and romantic district of Vilnius.
  • Gediminas Castle

    Gediminas Castle
    Gediminas castle is one of the most iconic buildings representing Lithuania.
  • Tipster of the Week: A Multi-Splashing Party!

    Tipster of the Week: A Multi-Splashing Party!
    Planning to have a gathering, but still can't think of anything interesting for your guests to look forward to? Here at Tipster, we always aim to add a bit of a kick to everyone's dull life by adding a sprinkle of analogue magic into it! So call your friends and get everything ready, because the party is about to begin!
  • Step by Step LOMO LC-A Anniversary Movie From Lithuania

    Step by Step LOMO LC-A Anniversary Movie From Lithuania
    About a month ago the big LOMO LC-A Birthday party took place in Vilnius. But this story is not about that. It is about the movie that presents the LOMO LC-A to all Lithuanians. It is time to spread the Lithuanian Lomo idea all around the world.
  • The Museum of Genocide Victims (Vilnius)

    The Museum of Genocide Victims (Vilnius)
    This is one of the most interesting museums in Vilnius. It is so unique and breathtaking that I visited it about 4 times and I will go there more and more.
  • My Lomo Story

    My Lomo Story
    My friendship with Lomography was a very logical step in my life. It could have started earlier, but luckily it began just in time. All my life I was very interested in old stuff. Old pictures in my grandparents' album interested me more than new technologies with the digital photography ahead. After school I joined Vilnius University, to take my Bachelor's Degree in Archival Science, when one day, we had a trip to the audiovisual archive of Lithuania. I was so touched with all these old photos - they made a deep impression that I decided to try to do some "retro" pictures by myself.
  • The Legendary Dauniškis Lake

    The Legendary Dauniškis Lake
    As I have mentioned earlier Utena County is the land of 1000 lakes. To be correctly there are 1002 lakes in this quit small territory. Two lakes are located in the middle of city of Utena. One of them is well known not only for great park surroundings but also by two very interesting legends. This is Dauniškis Lake.
  • Christ’s Ascension church

    Christ’s Ascension church
    Utena is the city on the north east of Lithuania. It is about one hour from capital Vilnius. Though Utena is a small city there are few churches here. The oldest and the most popular one is Christ’s Ascension church. This church is located almost in the centre of the city. You can see the roof of this church just entered to the city.
  • I love Authentic! The LC-A Refurb

    I love Authentic! The LC-A Refurb
    Everybody agrees that Lomo LC-A is the Guru of lomography. Nobody at this site do not know what the secret letters LC-A mean. For me it is Lovely Creative Adventure. You are not merely shooting with this camera, you are having adventure. Each new roll of film tells a new story of your life.
  • Fuji T64 Pro (35mm, 64 iso) user-review

    Fuji T64 Pro (35mm, 64 iso) user-review
    Fuji T64 is a slide film for the professionals. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it! Do it!
  • Green Bridge (Vilnius)

    Green Bridge (Vilnius)
    The Žaliasis Tiltas, or “Green Bridge” is the oldest bridge in Vilnius. This bridge is one of the interesting places to see in Vilnius. It's hard to overlook the four massive Soviet sculptures at its corners. Green Bridge is the only bridge in Vilnius boasting sculptures of any kind.
  • Vilnius Cathedral

    Vilnius Cathedral
    Vilnius Cathedral is the main Roman Catholic Cathedral of Lithuania. It is situated in Vilnius Old Town and it is one of the most attractive places for the tourists. The coronations of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania took place in its predecessors.
  • Alanta Manor House (Naujasodis)

    Alanta Manor House (Naujasodis)
    Alanta manor house is located only couple of kilometers from Alanta village in the other small village Naujasodis. The road says that you are arriving to the manor house. You will cross small bridge and the beautiful birch avenue. It is impossible to pass this manor house located in the end of the avenue. Alanta manor house buildings are in neoclassicism style. There are main building and some belonging buildings.
  • Holga 135BC

    Holga 135BC
    To tell you the truth, when LSI presented the Holga 135BC, I looked at it skeptically. I don’t know why but I didn’t like it at the first sight … but it was a different story, after some time.
  • Wedding Hill (Utena)

    Wedding Hill (Utena)
    There is a tradition after the wedding ceremony to go on the small hill located near the Utena city. This hill is called “wedding hill”. It is located only one kilometer to the north from Utena by the Utena weir. In the late 90's some artist made wooden statues imitating traditional Lithuanian wedding ceremony. Statues are located around little park. Traditionally bridegroom carries bride over the bridge which is in front of the hill. This place is interesting, you can see newlyweds there, not only statues, hill, or the lake.
  • Fuji Superia (35mm, 200 iso) User-review

    Fuji Superia (35mm, 200 iso) User-review
    There are a lot of reasons why I just love this negative film….
  • Alnis Lake and Hydrographic Reserve

    Alnis Lake and Hydrographic Reserve
    This interesting and beautiful place is located in the Aukštaitija regional park in the eastern Lithuania. Aukštaitija regional park is well known because of lovely forests and thousands lakes and rivers. The Alnis Lake is deep in the forest surrounded only by trees and nothing more. There is only breathtaking beauty of nature. You can climb on the top of the hill and to see clear like a glass water of this lake. This place is like paradise. There are few camping places where you can stay after pay some euros (I don’t remember the cost).
  • Rokiškis

    If you ask Lithuanian people, "Do you know Rokiskis?" 9 of 10 will tell you that it has the mental institution-prison in Lithuania. To tell you the truth it was the only thing that I know about Rokiskis too. The trip to this city was unplanned and very interesting and surprising.