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Guilty Pleasures - Camera Bundle Edition

It's hot hot hot this summer! This means we take our analogue adventures to a higher level! This time we gathered some pratical and cool camera bundles of this season! Let us know which Lomography camera bundle gets your heart racing and palms sweaty for your chance to win some piggies!

Maung (Sundanese) = Tiger (English)

Holiday Portraits Rumble

There's really no lack of reason to shoot pretty portraits any given day of the week but like everything else, things just seem better and more colorful during the holidays. Wouldn't you agree?

Childhood in Analogue: A Letter to My Future Teenage Daughter

To my Sweetiepie Mica: Today, we welcome your baby brother Mason to our family, and I know it isn't easy for you adjusting to be a big sister. For the past wonderful 4 years, you have been my world and I hope I was able to give you happiness and fulfillment in this world.

The Great Back to Basics Rumble: Capturing Time

Fantastic photos are a given with Lomography cameras, but with a little knowledge, you can get the shot you want almost every time. Prove your chops in the Back to Basics Rumble!

The Lubitel's Lovely Faces

If there is one Lomographic camera that was made for portraits, then we've got to bow down to the brilliance of the Lubitel.

Autumn x-pro shot

The Lomo Hipshot Showdown - Shoot Like a Ninja!

We’ve just entered the month of hallows and it’s about time to have a new showdown started as well! Sadly we’re not going to run another spooky-themed one. So read on what it’ll be this time!

The Lomography Win Your Wishlist Rumble

Lomography just celebrated its 20th birthday and we are definitely in the mood to celebrate!

20 Years of Analogue Photography History in the Making: A Photo Recap 1991-1999

Check out some amazing pieces of history as we track back through time and see what the Lomographic Society's has been up to the past twenty years - and beyond! Reminisce with us as we look back from small beginnings to what Lomography is today.

Gould's Book Arcade

To the newer generation, Gould's Book Arcade might just look like a labyrinth of old and dusty books. But to those who love and cherish the old times, this place is a paradise! Here you can find mountains of books, cassettes, vinyl records and old video tapes (VHS and Beta!).

US CItySlicker Nicolas: Days of Being Wild (or My Endless, Analogue Summer)

It all started with an idea; that this summer, my friends and I would take a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. What was at first just a plan, quickly turned into a real adventure. This is the story of my endless, analogue summer with my two film-loving best friends.

Break The Lock: Challenge One

Do you fancy yourself a super sleuth with keen detective skills? Then we at Lomography have a surprise in store for you! All you have to do is to figure out our riddle before Friday 5th October!

Happy Accident: Mulitple Exposures with the LC-Wide

One of our Gallery Store regulars and Lomographer extraordinaire, Koduckgirl, shares her accidental awesomeness with the LC-Wide and multiple exposure wonder. You can see some of her work upstairs in our "Hella Locals" Gallery Show until the end of September.

Scanning Film Using Your Mobile Phone or Tablet PC

Do you have rolls and rolls of processed films waiting to be scanned, but you can't attend to it because your flatbed scanner doesn't support film? Well, PetaPixel says you can work with that scanner if you have a large-screen mobile phone or tablet! Find out how in this article!

Cebu Lomowalk in Tungsten