My Lomo Story


I was probably born an artist. Since the time I could pick up a pencil I’ve been drawing and painting. I knew nothing about photography until my best friend offered me job as his assistant manager at the camera store. Of course I took the job and there I learned everything there is to know about the perfectly crisp world of digital photoraphy. Eventually I bought myself a DSLR and began taking my very own perfectly crisp digital photos. From the begining I felt like there was something missing. Sure, I enjoyed taking pictures in theory, as a painter I had a good eye for things. But I never felt that connected with the end products. My paintings are labors of love, little peices of my soul that I become emotionally attatched to, but a digital photo is just a click away. There is nothing loving about it. It made me feel like I was cheating. Then one day somebody gave me a Holga.

I had heard of Holgas and their magical powers, so I quickly loaded it, finished a roll and brought it in for processing. But I was pretty disappointed with the results, I didn’t really understand what the fuss was. I did not fall in love with my holga immediately, at first I only brought it with me to places I knew I did not want to bring my nice digital equipment, like hiking or climbing. The pictures were decent and I did like the nostalgic quality they had. It wasn’t until I bought my first 35 mm camera that I discovered lomography. It was the same thing, I was discouraged after shooting my first roll in it. (clearly i am easily discouraged) I was in the mall at one of my favorite stores when I saw some crazy looking film in colurful packaging. I was totally amazed, these films looked so dreamy. I bought a package of redscale and a package of 400. And this is how it all came together. I got my first roll of lomo 400 back and I was so pleased! it was everything I had ever wanted out of photography! there was a website on the package, All of the sudden there was a whole new world of photography for me. I found all different kinds of techniques and started my experiments immediately. So I fell in love with lomography and I haven’t really touched my digital camera since. Analog feels much better for me, there’s more thinking involved and certainly a lot of love in each shot, not to mention I get to enjoy the perfect imperfections that analog holds.

written by mackadoo on 2010-11-08

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  1. dustbowlugly
    dustbowlugly ·

    pairing the lomo films & a lomo camera made me fall in love with the whole deal, too!