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Awesome Albums: Dolphin's Dream by hodachrome

A dolphin swimming along a field of flowers? Through the amazing skills of our community's double exposure master, hodachrome, it's certainly possible!

Throwback Thursday: Hong Kong in Monochrome in the 1950's

Chinese photographer Fan Ho was in his early 20's when he started shooting the streets of Hong Kong in the 50's. When the region was running through its fast-paced transition, Ho chose to slow it down by patiently waiting for the perfect subjects and moments to capture. Decades, awards and publications later, the waiting has paid off.

Dean Bennici and his Infrared Masterpieces

German-based photographer Dean Bennici stuns the world with a very unique form of infrared analogue photography. Focusing mainly on landscapes, Bennici creates untouched artistic masterpieces with the help of a camera and accurately polished precision.

Sepulchral: A Journey in the Necropolis by Ellen Rogers: Ideas

"But the truth is everyone battles the war of ideas, however it’s easier if you immerse yourself in a world you have built and understand. You need not look too far for inspiration this way, you own this world, this in my case, is the ‘Aberrant Necropolis,’" according to our ever-lovely muse, Ellen Rogers. Get stunned by her photographs once again after the break.

The Jacks and Jills of All Films: 120 Film

In this new series, we’ll be looking at some of the greats when it comes to our favorite film formats, starting with the 120 film. Read on to find out whose photographs we admire the most.

Female Tattoo Artist of the 1910's

Introducing the first known female tattoo artist in America.

Camera Collections: Alexandr Altabaev's Soviet Stash

This week's Camera Collection is proof that analogue love could run in your family's blood. Community member @japsix from Sevastopol shows us her father's massive medley of Russian cameras that her mom won't even allow to be kept in the house because there's just so many!

Freelensing Frenzy

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of freelensing. Freelensing is a technique where you hold the lens of your SLR loosely in front of the camera when taking a picture. The result? Selective focus and a dreamy look.

Instax Photo Collage Optical Illusion

Have you ever accidentally pressed the eject button on your instant-back adapter before taking a photo? If so, you have likely been crushed thinking about what an incredible waste it is to have to discard these instant "blanks". Well you no longer have to let them go to waste. You can re-purpose these blanks to create cool photo collages.

A Useful Tip: The Sunny 16 Rule

When we have no light meter, when we have one but forgotten at home, when we do not know how to use it and when we did not download the app, or do not have smartphone: The Sunny 16 Rule is our salvation!

Pretletterp en het mysterie van het oude rolletje!

Ja lieve kinderen het is weer tijd voor een spannend avontuur van PretletterP! Dit keer kwam zij op een rommelmarkt een wel héél mysterieus geheel tegen.

The Silence of Dogs in Cars: An Interview With Martin Usborne

Martin Usborne has always had a preoccupation with animals. His interest in how we control and silence animals is portrayed in his latest body of work which has been turned into a book. Martin took some time to answer some questions for us, take a look after the jump.


New Season, New Suit 2 - Refurbish your Kiev 4

If you're tired of the looks of your camera, or the pieces of old leather are just peeling off, here's how to refurbish a camera.

Fuji Velvia 50 35mm Color Slide: A Beginner's (Very) Non-Technical Review

I am by no means an expert on film stocks, but here is my opinion of Fuji's Velvia 50 ISO slide film (cross-processed).

Making the Most of Kodak Aerochrome

Since I published my Aerochrome albums, I have been swamped with questions about various aspects of this incredible film. Several Lomographers have asked me to write an article explaining how to make the most of it, so here it is.

Back To Basics: SLR Walkthrough

As back to basics draws to a close we look at a true sex object of the 1960's. Capturing everyone from Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy to Mick Jagger and The Beatles. The fully manual SLR.

Expired 2002

9 Tips for a Perfect Portrait Background

Flatter your portrait subject with the perfect background, even if you don’t have professional backdrops or lighting. A little exposure and composition know-how can get you a long way toward a beautiful portrait background.

Dag HEMA Fotoservice

Ik ben dol op de HEMA. De Jip & Janneke-meuk, betaalbare frutsels voor in huis en af en toe een Oud-Hollandsche Hemaworst. Maar na vandaag ben ik een klein beetje boos op de HEMA. Er is besloten om nog een aantal van hun fotoservice winkels te sluiten, zo ook mijn favoriete stekkie...

Kodak T400 CN (35mm, 400 iso) User-Review

This is the ancestor of Kodak BW 400CN. This film is black and white, process-ready for C-41 chemicals but is already discontinued around 2003-2004. Perhaps having them are films already expired or used (good for doubles). One of my favorite B/W film!

MX met de Fujifilm Instax!

Ik krijg veel vragen over het maken van meervoudige belichtingen met mijn Fujifilm Instax 7s. Eigenlijk is het heel gemakkelijk...

Ellen Rogers: Doordrongen met glans en verwondering

De tijdloze modefoto’s van Ellen Rogers stralen een verleidelijke schoonheid en subtiele verleiding uit. Ze verbeelden een droomachtige gratie en voeren je naar een tijdperk van aura’s en eenzaamheid. Ze ademt en leeft in haar donkere kamer en is een kunstenaar van de analoge fotografie.

Patti Smith: Camera Solo Exhibition

Renowned poet and musician Patti Smith, started taking photographs as a hobby when she was a teenager. Last month, her first museum exhibit in the United States was launched. Read more after the break.

To Crop Or Not To Crop, That Is The Question

While some like to present their photographs unedited or straight-out-of-camera, it turns out that a little snipping here and there can transform good images into great ones. Did you know that some of the most iconic photographs of the century are actually cropped versions of their originals? Check out the gallery below and tell us what you think!

Kringloopwinkel FTW!

Ik heb een uitgebreide cameraverzameling. De meeste daarvan heb ik bij rommelmarkten en kringloopwinkels op de kop getikt. De één zijn oude rommel, is de ander zijn werldvondst. Tussen de skaileren bankstellen en de oude boeketreeksen kom ik dan ook regelmatig een leuke camera tegen.

Een Olympus Trip 35 repareren en een nieuw jasje geven

Een tijdje terug kocht ik een kapotte camera die ouder was dan ikzelf. Op internet vond ik hoe ik de vastzittende sluiter kon repareren en een mooie nieuwe skin kon aanbrengen. Ik nam me voor mijn Trip weer tot leven te wekken, en hopelijk inspireert en helpt deze handleiding jou hetzelfde te doen.

Erna's Diana

Oude Lomo shots op zoek naar hun lomograaf! In de tweedehands winkel vind ik niet alleen een mooie originele Diana-camera, maar ook een rolletje met vakantiefoto's van lang, lang geleden.


C-41 films met koffie ontwikkelen

Ook met koffie kun je prima je film ontwikkelen.

Cross Processing Colour Guide

Every cross processed slide films have different color shifts. In order to use them flexibly, why don't we have a color palette?