• Picture This: Freedom

    written by luffyblu on 2013-07-28 in #lifestyle
    Picture This: Freedom

    Whenever I see birds flying around, I think of freedom. I wish I was one of those birds to fly freely through the immensity of the sky, with no obligations, no destination, light as a feather. To have the sky as the limit, literally.

  • A Walk Through the City in Redscale Tones

    written by luffyblu on 2013-03-05 in #world #locations
    A Walk Through the City in Redscale Tones

    Come take a flight to a world of dreamy colours, soft contours and sweet details. Guimarães, a city located in the north of Portugal, where this very own country was born, has been captured in redscale unpredictable colours. Never have its beautiful corners been so magical…

  • Versailles and its Delightful Sights

    written by luffyblu on 2013-01-21 in #world #locations
    Versailles and its Delightful Sights

    The Palace of Versailles is one of the most impressive achievements of 18th-century French art. It is not only a place bursting history and culture, where you can appreciate art and beautiful architecture, but there you can also contemplate nature, slow down and relax, away from the fast rhythm of the city.

  • "Papier à êtres" - The art of working the paper

    written by luffyblu on 2012-12-06 in #lifestyle
    "Papier à êtres" - The art of working the paper

    "Papier à êtres" are handmade paper creations of two artists who complement each other: Frédéric makes the structure and Sophie gives life to them, creating the character. These bright sculptures can be graceful ladies or imaginary creatures, lightening up and enchanting even the darkest corner.