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Bulldogs from 1905 in Fancy Dress

Halloween is just around the corner and we're brainstorming cool costume ideas for all the ghastly weekend activities. We'll probably take cues from these cute canines from the 1900s, all dressed up and accessorized for some pretty poignant (and funny) large-format portraits!

Tipster: How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)

Today I will be introducing the technique so called EBS, exposing both sides of the film, one of the most unique techniques within Lomographic photos. Is it hard to do it? Maybe! But once you get good luck and concentration, you might get amazing results!

Time For A Tea Break With UK Community LomoAmigo Grindhousegirl

Fay is a Lomography super fan! She's a friend of the team here in the UK, and even helped us out in our pop-up shop last summer. She has a great gallery of photos, inspired by her Lomography community friends all over the world. Have a butchers here....

Meet the Staff of Lomography UK!

Introducing the lovely faces of our Lomography UK Stores! Find out a little bit more about the staff that help you with all your Lomographic needs! Based in London and Manchester this chirpy bunch guide you through everything analogue and host a mean party too!

Oddly Fascinating Photos of the 'Living' Dead

I've given everyone a fair bit of the fun side of Halloween, so now that we're counting down the hours to the spooky celebration, it's time for me to bring on the fright side. I have to warn you though--the photos you are about to see are potentially nightmare-inducing. If you're ready, read on to see some compelling photos of people you might not believe were already dead by the time they were photographed.

Recap of Lesson 3 in the School of Lomography London: Tipsters for Hipsters

The third lesson features all kinds of good stuff: from learning about manipulating and modifying cameras, getting the best light leaks, using sharpies and pins to design your negatives and also making your own redscale flip film!

Recap of Lesson 4 in the School of Lomography London: Lomography & Life

The School of Lomography, our final lesson – The Lubitel 166+. Testing this camera was last but definitely not least! We made our way from the Soho store to visit our sister store in East London, had a shoot around the graffiti ridden streets and learned how we can incorporate Lomography in our daily lives.

Recap of Lesson 1 in the School of Lomography London: Intro To Lomo

The School of Lomography term has started again with 10 brand new freshers keen and eager to learn all they can... meet and greet all the new students of the School of Lomography in London!

Recap of Lesson 2 in the School of Lomography London: Shooting Session

With only 4 lessons in the school, it's tough to try and ram all the cameras and techniques into such a short space of time HOWEVER, all the students took to the challenege and began their second lesson learning a lot about the Sprocket Rocket and LC-A+ cameras!

RECAP: Diwali in Trafalgar Square with the LC-A+ @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Super saturation, amazing vignettes and awesome double exposures are just the thing to capture the vibrant colours of Diwali, and what better camera to do all this than the LC-A+!

Lomowalk: Celebrating Bonfire Night in Battersea Park @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

What do you get when mix long exposures with fireworks and doubles? Awesome shots of course! This is what we’re going to do on the annual Guy Fawkes Bonfire night. Learn about either the DianaF+ or Sprocket Rocket camera (choose one) and experiment with ‘B’ mode, multiple exposures and flash photography in Battersea Park while admiring the amazing fireworks display.

An intimate performance by songstress Agnes Obel @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

We’re proud to welcome platinum record holder and singer and songwriter Agnes Obel in store. Agnes hails from Denmark and has now hit our shores with her soulful tunes, playing especially for the Lomographic community in London. Come and get a chance to see her up close and personal in this very intimate gig.

Workshop: 9 killer tips for the Pop9 camera with James Butler @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Right, get your pliers and scissors out because it’s time to get down and dirty with our plastic Pop9 camera! Our shop regular and friend, James Butler, will take the group through 9 techniques, from the simple to the downright destructive, and show you how to convert the basic 9 lens POP9 camera into a mean machine!

RECAP: Cocktail Making Mastercalss @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho & The Social

Heres something we've never tried before... 12 Lomographers, Lomo Xpro Slide film, Coloured flashes and Cocktails - all going hand in hand with the sprockety panoramic loveliness of the Sprocket Rocket!

Exclusive World Premiere & Launch Party! @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Get your lovely selves down to the Soho London store next Thursday evening for the grand launch of the latest product in the Lomographic range and get a chance to win the mystery item! Woo!

Movember: Shoot your Mo-trait with the Lubitel 166+ @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

We’ll start with a basics course on the Lubitel 166+ camera then take to the streets shooting black&white portraits of ourselves and each other, and possibly spotting bros with mos and asking them if they want their portraits taken as well (we’ll have fake ones to give out to the girls). This is the best time to try your hand out at portraiture photography and spread awareness at the same time! Your portraits from the day will then be on display in store from the 24th.

LoMOparty for Movember: The Big Mo-down! @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Big old knees up and everyone is welcome, particularly those in the mo! This is the perfect time to show off your big, hairy, itchy taches and maybe even win a prize! Drinks and nibbles await!

Make Your Drink & Shoot It Too: A LOMOKINO Cocktail Making Master Class @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Learn how to make the perfect cocktail and practice your band photography skills at the same time! With 20 years of experience in the bar industry, the award winning bartender, Dre Masso, has set up shop at The Social for a limited time only. Learn how to mix your own cocktails while capturing it all with our super brand-new camera, the LomoKino! Free drink and endless taste-tests included! If that isn't enough, The Social is offering free tickets for each participant to a live in-house performance by Loch Lomond! Be one of the first to test out this new camera!

Lomomeal: The Flash Supper with the DianaF+ @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Join us for a Lomowalk around Soho capturing all things British from phone boxes to black cabs and finish off the trek with a spot of tea at the Golden Union fish shop because what could be more British than fish & chips?! You’ll learn all about the DianaF+ camera with a basic presentation and get to practice shooting indoors with the flash whilst enjoying mouthfuls of delicious fish & chips. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!

Lomowalk: Spin out by the Tate Modern with the Spinner 360 @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

If you haven’t already tried this camera, now is the perfect chance! We’ll take a walk down from St Paul’s cathedral to the millennium bridge and shoot lovely spinny, sprockety shots along the way. We’ll then finish off at the Tate Modern Museum and bear witness to the amazing new exhibition by Tacita Dean in the Turbine hall entitled none other than ‘FILM’. Let’s celebrate all things analogue in this workshop!

The LomoKino Launched in Lomography Gallery Store London Soho!

We said it was going to be good... we weren't kidding! The LomoKino was launched in true Lomography style last night at the Lomography Gallery store in Soho. We rolled out the red carpet for everyone!

Month-long ‘Grow that Mo’ challenge @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

We are calling out to six brave chaps to step up and volunteer to grow their mo’s in the magic month of Movember! Are you up for the challenge!? We want you!

RECAP: Thames by night with the DianaF+ @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

With winter now properly creeping up on us; pinhole shots, long exposures, painting with light and long lovely streaks was what this workshop was all about! Taking the Diana out at night for a stroll along the Thames opened our eyes to a whole new lease of life for this plastic lens beauty.

RECAP: Chocolate Festival with the LC-Wide @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

You woul’d think that chocolate would be enough to feast our eyes on last Saturday afternoon –at the" Chocolate Unwrapped" festival but the LC-Wide paired together with yummy endless tastings of chocolate really did the trick. – We can't think of a better way to have spent our day!

RECAP: Bonkers for Conkers @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Have a look at what happens when conkers and cameras mix with our recap on the truly autumnal workshop with the mighty Sprocket Rocket. We visited Hampstead Heath for the World Conker Championships, and if you read on, you’ll find out if we won first prize!

shes going to disappear soon.... :) :(
Flash test

Enrol now for the School of Lomography in London: Class of Autumn 2011

Be in the class of autumn 2011 for a 4-day comprehensive course on Lomography and analogue photography! Get properly introduced to all the cameras in our range, discover what film is all about, learn tips and tricks and see how Lomography fits into your daily routine.

The complete NOVEMBER Workshops & Events schedule @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Ah, it’s that time of the year again! Bring out your thick coats, mittens and wooly scarves and of course, fast speed film! Even if it’s getting cold out, we have endless HOT HOT HOT events to keep you warm throughout the autumn – from rockin' Movember month and Bonfire night fireworks shooting to a special in-store live performance by Agnes Obel and a fish&chips night out plus a cocktail making materclass and more… join us!

MOVEMBER with LoMOgraphy @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. We have events and workshops all month so you can get involved to help raise awareness for this cause. It’s time to grow that mo!

RECAP: Rockets View from Above @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho

What was the Sprocket Rocket made for? Why for big, wide, up high, down low panoramas of course. With tourists swarming down below, what better way to shoot London than from above? The great thing about this plastic panoramic partner is that you can either shoot sprockety loveliness or crisp clean sprocket-less seams. So we did both.

Shooting Vintage Panoramics in Portobello Market with the Sprocket Rocket @ Lomography Gallery Store Soho!

Soak up the Sunday hustle and bustle at the infamous Portobello market. Trinkets, vintage goods, market folk and more.. you’ll never know what you might find with the all seeing eye of the Sprocket Rocket!

Lomotrip to Brighton, England with the Spinner 360!

A bright and early start for nine dedicated Lomographers as we travelled by train from London Victoria to our favourite seaside location.... Brighton! Oh we do like to spin beside the seaside…oh we do like to spin beside the sea…