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Hotswapping with Multiple ISO Films?

Questions about multiple ISO films & whether you can swap on the fly

Question to all you techy film folks: If I have a variable ISO film, can I swap ISOs on the fly & still end up with all photos correctly exposed at the end? Say I have a 100/1000 ISO film, if I shoot two at 200, then one at 100, then the rest at 800, when it’s developed, will they all be okay, or will I get some under-exposed, some over-exposed, and some just right (due to them all being in the emulsion for the same amount of time)? It may be a silly question but I’d like to know before I go out & shoot!

To compound the issue further, I had some redscale where I intentionally over exposed one frame, and while the whole roll looked great. Compare this (normal daylight exposure in sun):

Photo by lokified
…to this (Put in bulb mode & held for 4 seconds):
Photo by lokified

What about you, smart people? Do you have answers for me?

written by lokified


  1. gauthierdumonde


    On the variable ISO films you have to choose one ISO setting and develop it at that setting. I love the the Fuji slide ISO 100/1000. They had them in the lomoshop and I ordered a bunch. I use them for high ISO's because it is currently the only slide film I know going up to ISO 1000. The film was never popular because for all ISO settings there were better films. But it is great for lomography. You have to shoot a test roll (over and underexpose at the setting you rated) when crossing this one because it behaves a bit different.

    About the Redscale: it is difficult to overexpose a redscale. If you expose correct you will get very red pictures. Over expose one or two stops and you get a lighter result, that's the one I like. Overexpose 4 or five stops and normal colors will start to appear. That's why I like redscale. You can load it into a Lomo Smena and start shooting without caring for exposure. :)

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  2. lokified


    @gauthierdumonde Thanks for being Knowledge Guy. I suppose Redscale has spoiled me in that regard. :D

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