random treasure - part fifteen

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written by locutus on 2013-10-19

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  1. mnella
    mnella ·

    I'm happy that you like my little snap!
    That was a great walk indeed.
    For anyone wondering where I took the picture: It's on the old postal road between Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo) - The Tokaido, most famously illustrated by Hiroshige.This was taken near Lake Ashi in Hakone - The tenth station. From Hiroshige:
    As you can see in the wood block print, most of it is not as wide and smooth as my photo above. Much of it is uneven cobblestones, very slippery in the rain. We didi not walk the whole way - maybe another time. We decided on a specific distance and an end-point: A small but famous inn - where we ate, and then took a taxi back.