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Multiple Exposure Cheat

Do you have a collection of negatives that really aren't doing much, and quite frankly never will? The type that originates from before you discovered the Lomo world and now make you wince at the blandness of their content? Don't fear, I have a solution.

The Sky Is the Limit!

Wings for your lomo !!!???Did you know Aerial Photography is a technique followed by many people around the world, I discovered it recently, and searching through the net, I reached the experimental photographer Peru Izeta, who performing aerial photography mounting his analog camera on a kite! !

Prophecy No.4

Endless Panorama Group Photo

Every festival, and friend gathering is rare, how can you miss a good photo opportunity?! But every time we take a "great photo" its always a little boring now isn't it? Encounter up to twenty or thirty people in the General Assembly, avoiding the fight to fit in the "group photo" and the layout. Wouldn't it be more fun for the party to add a creative game by adding an extraordinary "great photo"?!

Iter Avto: The World's First GPS-Like Navigation System

The GPS Navigation system is one of the most useful things to ever be born out of modern technology. However, if you think it's a fairly recent invention, let the world's first GPS navigation show you the analog origins of this convenient device.

Focusing with String

When near perfect center focus is desired from your Holga or Diana +

Turn A Single-Use Camera Into A Fisheye Camera

It's so easy to turn a single-use camera into a fisheye camera! And cheap ,too ...


Just one glass!

Ahh .... summer time has come again, pack your bag, take your camera and go to the beach, take a shot of the horizon, sand and activities, but it might be better if you have something to make your photo look different, lenses, filters, flashes or colour splashes. Well, all of those are quite complicated for rookies, aren't they?

Ski Jumping World Cup
Barcelos Rooster