Un cumple muy feliz

Y entre ese montón de carretes, un pack de 5 de blanco y negro de diapositiva (Agfa scala 200). Tengo curiosidad por estrenarlos y ver los resultados. En lomography no hay muchas fotos etiquetadas con este carrete, pero ¿alguien sabe como quedan las fotos? ¿se revelan como blanco y negro o como un carrete normal?
Credits: littlekoala

written by littlekoala on 2011-06-23


  1. atria007
    atria007 ·

    jajjajajaja felicidades wapaaaaa....y a disfrutar de la LCAAAAAAAA y de lo demas jajajaja...

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  3. cornborn
    cornborn ·

    Hi, sorry I don't know enough spanish to reply in Spanish, but here it goes in English: Agfa Scala seems to yield for super fine grain and exceptional sharpness. Other than that I think it's mostly similar to other professional b&w films. BUT Agfa Scala cannot be processed like regular B&W film! It takes a special Scala process and there aren't many labs left that can develop Scala. Also, it's quite expensive! So you may wanna get those done before there aren't any labs left that can process Agfa Scala.
    I recently got a batch of old expired Scalas for free so that's why I gathered some information on it. But I haven't shot mine yet because getting it developed is a pain. Also I'm not sure I wanna "waste" these super super professional expensive films on a Lomo camera that can't really tap their full potential.
    Hope that helps and I'll be curious to see your results!

  4. vgzalez
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    felicidades!! qué buenos regalos!!!!! :)

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    walaaa!! Pues muchas Felicidades wapaaa!! y a disfrutar de todos los regalos!!! ;)

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    Felicidades!!! Aprovecha todos los lomo-regalos a tope!!! ;-)

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    Que bueno! un gran feliz cumplea! a disfrutarlo!