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Infinite sky Infinite sky Palms up/down Palms up/down the digital photographer in analogue! the digital photographer in analogue! Visiting the Pamplemousse Gardens Visiting the Pamplemousse Gardens Shiva Shiva Green Paradise Green Paradise Fairy Tale Fairy Tale Snorkelling on the reef Snorkelling on the reef La sortie La sortie Looove in Mauritius! Looove in Mauritius! Love is in the air! Love is in the air! Paradise Paradise Pointe aux Piments Pointe aux Piments Lladorre & Boldís Sobirà Lladorre & Boldís Sobirà Boots Boots L'altre món L'altre món Fites Fites Steampunk people! Steampunk people! The Shadow The Shadow Love the doubles! Love Steampunk! Love the doubles! Love Steampunk! Palms Palms Via Catalana Via Catalana Alternative Future Alternative Future Feets Feets Bells Bells Summer Summer ....doubles, doubles, doubles.... ....doubles, doubles, doubles.... Flowers in the sky Flowers in the sky Pedraforca Pedraforca On the road On the road Flowers of summer Flowers of summer Lomomeeting con @Tere Lomomeeting con @Tere Grimace's! Grimace's! Flowers Flowers Purple love! Purple love! The Konstruktor The Konstruktor <3 Isaac <3 <3 Isaac <3 Summer instants Summer instants Flower sea Flower sea Summer! Summer! Papaver rhoeas Papaver rhoeas See You Later Hong Kong! See You Later Hong Kong! Boats and Dragons Boats and Dragons ICC ICC Skyline 2 Skyline 2 Night & Day Night & Day The Golden Pagoda The Golden Pagoda <3 The Awesome Panda <3 <3 The Awesome Panda <3 Around Ocean park! Around Ocean park! ~~~~ Sea of Jeallyfish ~~~~ ~~~~ Sea of Jeallyfish ~~~~ Stanley in Blue Stanley in Blue The Giant Buddha The Giant Buddha The Wisdom Path The Wisdom Path The yellow window The yellow window Tian Tan Buddha Tian Tan Buddha <3 Love in Hong Kong <3 <3 Love in Hong Kong <3 The Guardians The Guardians The secret of fishes The secret of fishes Temples & Rain Temples & Rain Golden & Green Golden & Green Spin The Peak! Spin The Peak! Skyline Skyline De Pagodas y leones De Pagodas y leones HongKongrama HongKongrama Hong Kong, first impressions! Hong Kong, first impressions! .... Grey .... .... Grey .... .... Pink .... .... Pink .... .... Orange .... .... Orange .... .... Green .... .... Green .... .... Blue .... .... Blue .... Diada de Sant Jordi! Diada de Sant Jordi! Lovely friends! Lovely friends! Doubles in spring! Doubles in spring! Leaks, leaks, light leaks!!! Leaks, leaks, light leaks!!! Lomomeeting!!! ^^ Lomomeeting!!! ^^ Beautiful People! xD Beautiful People! xD Spriiiing! Spriiiing! More sake please!!! More sake please!!! The Lomocaterpillar The Lomocaterpillar OMFG?! Juuump!!! OMFG?! Juuump!!! Tikis, Sibux & Lilith Tikis, Sibux & Lilith Where sleeps the devil? Where sleeps the devil? Red Labyrinth Red Labyrinth sinusoide sinusoide Looove the Lobster Looove the Lobster Lomotrobades Lomotrobades Red (Swap with Sye) Red (Swap with Sye) Green Green Up & Down Up & Down Sibux vs Lilith Sibux vs Lilith I love the sunsets I love the sunsets Spiiiiins!!! Spiiiiins!!! LomoLove LomoLove Holgarama Holgarama The Bug The Bug Up & Down Up & Down Halloween!!! Halloween!!! San Francisco vs Barcelona San Francisco vs Barcelona Gotic Gotic Zombie jump Zombie jump Lomo zombie walk Lomo zombie walk Light Storm Light Storm Rayos y centellas! Rayos y centellas! Spiiiiiinssss Spiiiiiinssss Vall de Núria Vall de Núria Diana's baby party Diana's baby party Therror Therror Birthdays Birthdays ...end of summer... ...end of summer... Summer Life Summer Life Sol i platja -1- Sol i platja -1- Sol i platja -1- Sol i platja -1- ... summer ... ... summer ... ¡¡¡Splash!!! ¡¡¡Splash!!! Pinhole Garden Pinhole Garden Portraits Portraits Making off Making off Holidays! Holidays! I love Ripoll!!! I love Ripoll!!! I Love la vall de Camprodon!!! I Love la vall de Camprodon!!! :( .... Cute but i'm allergic ..... :( :( .... Cute but i'm allergic ..... :( Holga Baby on!!! Holga Baby on!!! Moustache Moustache Over Over Kraken!!! Kraken!!! Al agua patos!!! Al agua patos!!! Fireworks Fireworks The summer it's here The summer it's here 1 globo, 2 globos, 3 globos... 1 globo, 2 globos, 3 globos... ...pinholeando... ...pinholeando... Uoooo!!! Uoooo!!! Instants Instants ¡Feliz no cumpleaños! ¡Feliz no cumpleaños! Colors Colors Summer is comming... Summer is comming... Pinhole Day Pinhole Day ¡¡¡Party!!! ¡¡¡Party!!! Love velvia colors! Love velvia colors! My Lomobirthday My Lomobirthday Bajo el maaaar!!! Bajo el maaaar!!! Random shoots! Random shoots! Pinhole on fire!!! Pinhole on fire!!! ...Fantasmitoooos... ...Fantasmitoooos... Juuuump!!! Juuuump!!! .... Love Pink, Love Barcelona .... .... Love Pink, Love Barcelona .... Mar y Montaña Mar y Montaña Light Painting Barcelona Light Painting Barcelona ... Hanami ... ... Hanami ... Mi jardín secreto Mi jardín secreto Spring is coming... ;) Spring is coming... ;) Mi pequeño Lomojardín Mi pequeño Lomojardín Congratulations Dad!!! Congratulations Dad!!! .... flowers in the sky.... .... flowers in the sky.... My first lubitel!!! My first lubitel!!! Walking in Barcelona Walking in Barcelona Sunrise Sunrise Colometes Colometes Splitzer!!! Splitzer!!! Swap with Sibux Swap with Sibux Lomoquedada Enero 2012 Lomoquedada Enero 2012 Green Trees Green Trees 2011 - My first lomoyear 2011 - My first lomoyear Aaaaaarrrgggg!!! Aaaaaarrrgggg!!! Bon Nadal! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Bon Nadal! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas! Winter is coming... Winter is coming... Orgull culé! Orgull culé! Tarde a Gósol Tarde a Gósol Lomografía y realidad Lomografía y realidad Dawn Dawn The two suns The two suns Ojo con los ojos!!! Ojo con los ojos!!! Minas Tirith city of kings Minas Tirith city of kings ... Just Blue ... ... Just Blue ... Sunrise Autumn in Lot Sunrise Autumn in Lot Bonjour Carcassonne!!! Bonjour Carcassonne!!! ...Montjuic... ...Montjuic... Birthday Dad! Birthday Dad! Sack!!! Sack!!! Feliz, feliz cumpleaños Feliz, feliz cumpleaños :) - Just Family - :) :) - Just Family - :) Welcome to Barcelona!!! Welcome to Barcelona!!! Holidays Holidays Volteando Volteando Que bonic és Girona! Que bonic és Girona! Love! :D Love! :D Darrera de la Plaça del rei Darrera de la Plaça del rei Light Leaks Light Leaks Life in pink Life in pink LomoWall #1 Blaugrana LomoWall #1 Blaugrana