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Hot air balloon festival
The Three Tree

The Top 100 Photos Which Were Uploaded on Monday and Commented/Liked on Tuesday

Yesterday has been a record day for our photos section: you have given out the most likes and comments ever during the second stage of our One Million Piggies Giveaway. So we thought: why not make a gallery of the top 100 out of all the photos that have been uploaded the day before during the first stage.

The Vivitar IC101 - Widening Your Vision

Even though this camera was a gift it took some time for it to arrive at its final destination.

Self-Portraits : Big Round Face!

I loves traveling and sightseeing. So, what is the best way to capture your own self-portraits while you are on your move, while you might be alone and nobody could help you?

A Beginner's Guide to Tilt Shift Photography Part 2

If you want some crazy tilt to your photography you have two choices - spend a fortune on an expensive professional lens or build your own. It's easy, honest!

Handmade color processing with Tetenal Color Colortec C-41 Rapid Negative Kit

After I started to develop black and white film, I really wanted to know if it was possible to do the same with color negatives, but the guys at the lab told me: “color film processing is different…you need to get the right temperatures, find the right chemistry, and the chemistry will expire fast, the lab is cheaper and reliable, you'll waste your money and time...” But I was decided!

Light Spirographs

You may remember the lowly Spirograph toy from your youth and the joy of geometric art it created. Now you can mix your love of old time kitschy toys with your love of lomo.

A Beginner's Guide to Tilt Shift Photography Part 1

If you've ever wanted to tilt or shift, if you've ever wondered what the hell it was and what would happen if you did it...now's your chance. In Part 1, what is it, what does it do and how. Coming up in Part 2, how to make your own tilt shift lens and what to do with it!

Learning the Art of Letting Go

Now, “don’t think, just shoot” has a deeper meaning for me: As I take each shot with my toy cameras, I simultaneously let go of worrying whether I got it right. As I press and let go of the shutter button, I let go of the fear of taking a crappy shot. Read how Lomography has taught me how to breathe easy.

Brighton klowning holiday fun
Brighton klowning holiday fun
The Panorama Burger House
Perfect Sunset