…made some graphics on my computer and shot them with a minolta x700 on AGFA Transparency Film (Precisa) then put the film into a Smena Symbol and took some photos at home.

cross camery…

To perfect the result (of what I wasn´t sure during doing this all) I decided to cross develope the film.

The “best of” is shown in my album: “perfect sunday”

P.S. the graphicphotos were taken direct from the TFT monitor with -2 steps exposure. The second exposure was taken with normal exposure. Scanning was done in transparency mode.

and one thing I can tell: this wasn´t the last time burning time on an cloudy weekend in northern germany !!


sincerely laxgeschmack

written by laxgeschmack on 2011-01-25

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  1. lislisdotnet
    lislisdotnet ·

    Those results were crazy!