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Photographing Shattering Figurines

His camera triggers to the sound of a crash. Thrown down are porcelain figures, many of them depecting kung-fu fighters. With this explosive method he aims to capture action shots, and action shots he manages to capture indeed! Take a leap over to the article, just don't break an arm, or leg, as our delicate friends have!

The Artist - First Silent Film to Win Oscar in over 80 Years!

And the highly acclaimed film didn't snag just one, but five golden statuettes at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. This must be 'the' year for silent films, and we're thrilled to be a part of it! So, snuggle up to your grandma, who will probably pull your ear for insinuating she's old, and celebrate as loud as you can without using any words!

1929 Silent Film of Soviet Cities

"Man with a Movie Camera" is an experimental, silent documentary film. It's experimental in that its director, Dziga Vertov, uses almost all the cinematic techniques in the book, ranging from double exposure to footage played backwards! It's a documentary as it shows urban life in various Soviet cities, and contains no actors! What a historical gem!

The Analogue Reader: 15 Books

Let's do something fun that everyone can take part in for this installment of the Analogue Reader. I'm not sure if this is familiar to you, but let's do 15 Books, where you share with the community 15 books that you've read that will always stick with you. Are you ready?

The Diana+ World Tour in Spain

Following the successful stops to Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Portugal, our ultra-talented plastic beauty Diana will be setting foot in Spain!

LomoKino Story - Diane Sagnier Shoots a LomoKino Western

Monday, 11am. Frederic (a Lomography employee) and I started off by looking at the printed manual Lomography sent us in a Paris café close to his workplace. He had brought many different types of film. Positive, negative, different ISO levels - We wanted to try them all out! Frederic agreed to help me with the project I wanted to make for Lomography – This is the story behind my first LomoKino movie!

Georges Melies and His 'Trip to the Moon'

Long before man was able to step on the moon, cinematography pioneer Georges Melies was able to create the first ever science fiction flick set on the moon! Read about the movie and the brilliant filmmaker behind it after the jump!


Hail Mary, Her Photographs are Full of Grace

She is young & talented and talented & young. Her photographs would undeniably justify these reversible descriptions. Seeing her stream of film photos entrances you into a dreamlike fantasy: inspiring, magical, vivid, and sometimes haunting in a lovely kind of way. And just like a wonderful dream, you'll want to go back to sleep again and again so you can dream more and, maybe, assimilate right into the beauty of her color negative stills itself. Mary Robinson, you make our eyes swoon.

Masterpieces Reinvented as Sandwiches

Low-Commitment Projects has come up with something grand. It's simple, and cheesy (but not the 'cheesy' you are thinking of). Check out our side-by-side pairings, of the reinvented famous works of art with their buttered, mustard filled, and literally topped with cheese, replicas!

Astrid Kirchherr and the Beatles

In the early sixties, Astrid Kirchherr and friends regularly visited the Kaiserkeller Club in Hamburg to see a band that referred themselves to as the Beatles perform, not knowing they would one day become one of the most famous bands in the world. It was before Ringo Starr was even part of the group.

Them and Their Cameras: Vintage Hollywood Superstars

We've just seen various actors and actresses and their cameras in their portrayals of different roles in the movies, fiction and based on real events, as photographers. Now, let's go behind the scenes and say cheese as these Hollywood stars hold their vintage cameras up!

Włodzimierz Puchalski and the Photo-Safari

A Photo-safari, or 'bloodless hunt', is when the object used to shoot and capture animals is a camera. This concept was invented by photographer Włodzimierz Puchalski and has risen in popularity as can been seen today, with countless photography field trips and tours organized.

Takahiro Kimura's Broken Faces

To interpret paintings of people, viewers often focus on the facial expressions to look for emotions, clues, and possible stories. Interestingly, a Japanese collage artist and illustrator centered his art not on the human emotions, but on his aesthetic sense alone to create a series of portraits which he calls "Broken Faces." Read more about it after the jump.

An Extra Large-Format Camera to Captivate Cultures

A colossal camera, made by Dennis Manarchy, traverses America and captures stunning portraits of its culture and people. Take a look at this exceptional photography project which would surely amaze and inspire all film photographers.

Jeff Harris' 13 Years of Self-Portaits

13 years ago, Jeff Harris made a New Year's resolution - that is to take a picture of himself each day. And 13 years and 4,748 self-portraits later, has done an amazing and inspiring work. Let's check it out.

Ruins of Brederode

A ride from Amsterdam to the fortress of Brederode passing through fascinating landscapes in the countryside. The ruins are a place lost in time and space, filled with history and memories. It’s an enchanted place to visit and lose some city stress.

Fast Facts on Cary Grant

Cary Grant was an English actor known for his good looks, making him one of the most exceptional leading men during his time. Apart from his charm, what else do you know about him? Let’s find out more about this charming man after the break.

Today in History: Edgar Allan Poe Is Born (1809)

On this day over 2 centuries ago, the father of macabre literature was born. Let's take a trip down Edgar Allan Poe's grotesque memory lane and see some of his engraved and daguerreotype portraits and his notable writings on mystery.

Famous Black and White Photos Colorized

The internet truly is an amazing place. Here's another interesting find - A series of vintage black and white photographs of some of the most iconic people and historical events in the world magically transformed into colored photos. Let's check it out right after the jump.

The Lomography Safari Hunt

It’s time to journey into the wilds of the Lomography website - We’ve hidden voucher codes and want you to find them! There are codes for discounts in the Online Shop and some for free cameras, too! Travel through the pages of the Magazine and Photos section and you might find a sweet safari surprise!

Year 2012: New Year Resolution
Year 2012: New Year Resolution
Year 2012: New Year Resolution

The Keaton Music Typewriter

This rare gem, is rare indeed. It's endangered and on the verge of extinction, with less than 12 known to exist! So read on and smile as this contraption smiles back at you with it's curved white keys, reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat's grin!

Maya and the Hedgehog
2 month's old

Vertical Flip Doubles With Your Lomos

This double exposure tip is commonly used. It's very easy and the effects are always amazing. But I wish to include a small detail - allowing a few seconds to elapse before taking the second shot to allow it to be slightly different from the first shot.

LomoKino Director Interview: Diane Sagnier

French photographer and filmmaker Diane Sagnier was one of our first LomoKino testers - Read all about her experiences with the movie camera here!

LomoKino Director Interview - José Martret

We had the opportunity to speak with José Martret, the director of the Lomokino Short film “Que nadie se entere”. Read on for his first impressions of the new Lomography movie camera.

LomoKino Director Interview : Arnaud Martin

We met Arnaud Martin at the Cannes Film Festival and as a young and promising director, we put a LomoKino in his hands to see what he would come with. We're sure that you'll be as surprised and amazed as we were when we first saw his movies on the launch day of the LomoKino...

The World's Most Expensive Photograph

Last week was auction week in the art world. Famous houses like Sotheby's and Christie's opened their doors to art collectors and gallery owners and set up the stage for what is most valued in the art world. One of the most exciting purchases this season, a photograph...

Beelitz-Heilstätten (abandoned hospital)!!!!!!!
Ziggy is a bit worried!