• Holga 135 BC

    written by laineyrocks on 2011-11-14 in #reviews
    Holga 135 BC

    De Holga 135BC is een compacte 35mm camera die de beste eigenschappen van zijn grotere kameraden zonder problemen in zijn fijne lijfje heeft overgenomen. Hij is gemakkelijk in gebruik en je zal blij zijn als je hem in je bezit hebt.

  • Holga 135 BC

    written by laineyrocks on 2011-01-26 in #reviews
    Holga 135 BC

    La Holga 135 BC è una fotocamera compatta 35mm che ha al suo interno tutte le migliori caratteristiche del fratello maggiore. E' semplice e facile da usare e sarete felici di averla con voi.

  • Kiev 4 AM

    written by laineyrocks on 2009-08-13 in #reviews
    Kiev 4 AM

    The Kiev 4 AM was one of the last range finder cameras produced by the Kiev-Arsenal company. It was produced between 1979 and 1986. The 35mm range finder Kiev cameras were clones of the pre-war Contax II and Contax III cameras.

  • Pentax ME Super

    written by laineyrocks on 2009-07-10 in #reviews
    Pentax ME Super

    The Pentax ME Super is a great 35mm SLR camera that is really easy to use and is great for someone who is just starting to get into photography.

  • Holga 135 BC

    written by laineyrocks on 2009-07-03 in #reviews
    Holga 135 BC

    The Holga 135 BC is a compact 35mm camera that has all of its big brothers best characteristics built in. IT is simple and easy to use and that you will be glad to have it around.

  • Party With The Fisheye

    written by laineyrocks on 2008-10-27 in #reviews
    Party With The Fisheye

    The world's first compact 35mm camera with a fisheye lens, a whole 170 degrees lens that takes in as much as possible, and with a built in flash the possibilities of this camera is endless. Use it when you are just out and about, at parties, day or night and with it being extremely light its easy to carry around with you.