Pinhole and Plastic Exhibition Dulwich Pavilion Cafe Dulwich Park South London


The exhibition has been up a few days now but I have been so busy and so exhausted that once my show was up and I knew I could leave it to it’s own means I conked out for a day, that was the result of only having three hours sleep a night for the last week.
It never fails does it, what is it with deadlines! I have known about this exhibition for some time (months) and yet it is still left until the last minute. I wasn’t panicked it was quite an interesting week waiting for printers to get the prints right, impossible task it would seem so many were too dark, my internal scream monitor was flicking off the scale but eventually they managed it! Then the framer couldn’t quite match up the mitres haha I return them and they are changed without any problem and the spare mount board I had purchased for extra prints well I didn’t take that out until one in the morning only to discover it was the wrong colour… Sanity disappears rapidly at this point, it’s okay only a day and half to go and get all of them mounted and labels prepared. it wouldn’t have been a problem if they had mounted them but because the prints were late I couldn’t give exact dimensions so I had to do them myself. Fine but then of course the pressure is on and cutting a bevelled edge on a window mount is a delight when its the middle of the night and your hand is yelling at you that it can’t even hold the cutter any more as it’s not ergonomic.
BUT it’s all done and all up and looks great, according to the owner. I have had some lovely feedback but we can’t all live on feeback and need some sales, time yet and fingers are crossed. If you live in South London come along and have a peak, some of them are your faves on here.
The cafe is situated in a lovely park and is the hub, especially when the weather turns and you have to retreat to its warm welcoming interior filled with wondeful smells of food and drink.

Credits: kylewis

written by kylewis on 2010-11-11


  1. kdstevens
    kdstevens ·

    Where can you buy the book?

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Hi, you can get it from blurb here, its had good feedback so far
    I will post an album up soon of all the images that were in the show... a mini online show!