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The Search for Analogue Stars Competition: Portraits

Ready yourself for the biggest analogue photography competition of the year, starting on the biggest analogue photography day of the year! To coincide with Film Photography Day 2014 on April 12th, we are on a mission to discover the best portraits EVER shot on analogue. To be in for a chance to win a Petzval Lens and tons of other big prizes, stay with us after the jump!

Ferry from Bilbao to Plymouth

'A Year In Development' Annual Exhibition Advocates Film Photography

At this day and age, it's always a delight to know that analogue photography is still very much alive and well. In London, Labyrinth Photographic Printing celebrates this art by holding an annual exhibition of film photographs by various photographers.

here we go again
here we go again
Tour du Faso

Wie man eine doppelte Pinholekamera aus Streichholzschachteln baut

Der World Pinhole Day, der jedes Jahr am letzten Sonntag im April stattfindet, ist eine gute Gelegenheit, um mit euch diese Anleitung zu teilen. Vor einigen Jahren setzte ich zwei Streichholzschachteln zusammen, um eine Kamera zu bauen, die skurile Panoramaaufnahmen ermöglicht: sich überlappende Bilder, Mehrfachbelichtungen oder einfach nur nebeneinander stehende Aufnahmen. Wenn ihr Herausforderungen und Überraschungen mögt, dann könnte dies eine Kamera für euch sein.

I Won the Big Lomokino Rumble and I'm Going To Make a Lomokino Blockbuster!

This article will tell you how I started making LomoKino movies, how I still enjoy it, and that I hope it will give you ideas.

Ask Your Guru: Edenhovenga Asks Why-Yu

Summer is coming for most parts of the world! And we're definitely feeling the heat between these burning analogue questions we've collated for all of you!

A Beginner’s Guide to C-41 Developing at Home (It’s a Lot Easier Than you Think!) - Part Two of Two

Hello again, analogue lovers! I hope you haven't been waiting too long for the second part of this tutorial. I hope that, now that you're well-informed on the basic equipment you'll need for C-41 home development, you're ready for the actual development process itself, which we will be covering in its entirety in this article.

Rare Photos Archived by Man Ray's Printer

Currently on view in London's Atlas Gallery are these never-before-seen photos by surrealist artist Man Ray, saved by darkroom printer Pierre Gassman from contact sheets he had left behind. The acquisition of this collection clues us in on the often overlooked role developers play in a photographer's creative process.

Early Photographic Processes: The Collodion Process

After the success of the Daguerreotype, and as the interest in capturing and preserving images continuously rose, man sought to develop a way to produce multiple copies of the same image. And thus, the collodion process was born.

Illuminating Photography: A Quick Camera History Lesson with Eva Timothy

Here’s something quick and fun that you might want to share with your clueless but shutter-happy friend: an animated video by photographer Eva Timothy tracing the evolution of cameras!

lacy bark
ngaio native tree
lumen prints
lumen prints
$2 Dollar Shop Angel