I'm In A Show!! My First! Picking Shots Is Definitely The Hardest Part...

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Being in a show is definitely rush inducing, art validating, fun, exciting, and a huge boost for your ego and I can’t thank the guys and gals esp @j_rad at the Lomo Gallery Store SF for their support!! Since there was a bunch of us showing work, we could choose 6 pieces. At the time of the show I had only taken 5-10 rolls of film but even in that amount it was plenty hard to choose and took me a couple hours but once I had picked, I was sure. Well since the hanging I have probably quadrupelled that amount and currently have 2000+ shots in my Lomohome…as a result I have had many shots I also wished were in the show… This is why I don’t usually join contests, it’s just too hard to pick just one! Here is a gallery of 20 of my personal faves ignoring my popular page:
크레딧: koduckgirl

written by koduckgirl on 2012-09-08

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    Again Special Thanx to @j_rad (he also took the shot of me at the show!) for curating Hella Locals and all the staff @lomographysf, @nicolasesc, @thoughtlesshero & Joshua