My happy accident

Credits: kneehigh85

The photo above was taken by myself not long after having got a Diana Mini. In fact it was one of the first rolls I shot on her. Me and my fiance had gone to Portsmouth on holiday with my parents but sadly the weather was less than good. We decided to spend one night in our hotel room messing around doing poses and using the coloursplash flash. I didn’t think much about the shots we were taking and by the time I took them to be developed some weeks later, I had forgotten all about the hotel room shots.
When i was flicking through the prints (as back then I always had my shots printed) I saw this bright yellow one of my fiance’s head, which made me smile. Further down the roll, and taken quite a bit later on in the evening, was this blue one of his legs. And I thought to myself, wow, they could almost be 2 halves of the same photo. I put the prints together and sure enough – they made one rectangular photo of Dave, in blue and yellow! I made a lomowall a while ago depicting this and it became quite popular and made a few people smile. So I used fotoflexer to stick them together for the benefit of this blog entry (because you can’t link a lomowall to your blog, shame!) and decided to share my story of how it happened.
Hope you enjoy x

written by kneehigh85 on 2011-03-24


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    Hahaha, funny!

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    hahaha! :D