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funny face

Funny Faces Rumble

We've all got some of these in our photo collections so it's time to look for the funniest and wackiest face you can find and send it in!

Graffiti & Skater Boys

Webo29 takes you through Malta’s one and only skate park.

Requested Tipster: I love the contrast...I love to push!

Do you want get a great contrast and grain??....So PUSH IT!

PinHolo - The story of how I made a Pine-Nut Pinhole Camera!

When I was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Perugia, I fell in love with stenopeic photography and started gathering every kind of document I could about it and its technical evolution. I asked for some information from my photography teacher, Antonio Todini - He suggested that I search "Pinhole Photography" on the internet and as a way of remembering things said: “Pinhole, it sounds like pinolo (pine nut, in Italian), but with the 'H' after the 'N' and the final 'E'”. Since that moment the little nut planted itself in my mind and grew in the form of a challenge to make my very own pine nut pinhole camera!

The Unused IV Mental Hospital of Berlin-Buch

Built as a lunatic asylum and later modified to be used as a clinical facility it is now empty, waiting for a new use. Until then, everything waits in a morbid slumber.

The Canon AE - 1

When I first moved to Denmark my in laws seem to think that I like cameras and to them this meant I could be a dumping ground for all their old junk. In my first week I inherited 4 cameras A canon AE 1, Nikon F5, Minolta SRT 3o3 and a canon canonette- I like my In laws. SO I decided I will review them all in a four way battle royale for the coverted award of “Best Camera From An In Law” I will be judging the cameras on 4 elements (each with a maximum available score of 10 Woops). The elements are: 1 Aesthetics, 2 Functionality and practicality, 3 image quality, 4 Mattness ( I am not really sure what this is yet) and to help me out I have called in some top quality A list celeb judges. So: LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!

Magnifiying glass lens

Your SLR don't have a lens? Want to make a cheap lens? well, here come a tipster for you guys who don't have lens for your camera.

Hooray! Achievement Awards Are Here!

We proudly introduce you to the Achievement Awards to the community! We’ll be dishing out these awards when you reach certain milestones of Lomographic excellence – Read on to find out more!

Found: Lost Negatives in Melbourne, Australia

After almost six years (and still counting), will these smirched, tarnished, and worn-out negatives still find their way to their real photographer? Let us find a way to do so. Analogue forces, volt in!

Photographing Pets

We all love our pets, and we all love photographing them. However, it gets tedious trying to get the perfect shot without them wiggling around and trying to get them to sit still.

Hogwarts for Muggles: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

If you have ever waited for an owl to deliver your invitation to spend 7 years of education in Hogwarts, if you have always wanted to feel what it's like to take a subject called Potions, if you have always wanted to take a sip of that oh so famous Butterbeer, or if you are simply a Harry Potter fan, you have to go straight into the heart of Orlando. Inside the Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios, you will find the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Lomo Location of your dreams.

Photos That Made You Go WOW in the Comments

Again the title pretty much gives it away: a gallery of photos with your comments containing the word WOW. With your mouth wide open in awe.

DIY Film Digitizer / Scanner

Do not have a film scanner? You can make one for yourself using just a shoe box, everything you need is LESS THAN $5!!! Believe it : )

Custom-Bokeh Multiple Exposures

This is a great technique for doing multiple-exposures. First of all, I shot a roll of film through my SLR using a custom bokeh mask. The basic idea behind the mask is that it changes the out-of-focus areas from standard circle-ish shapes to fancy shapes such as stars, faces, hearts etc.

Giant Camera With a Trampoline Inside

What does it feel like inside a giant camera? It feels like jumping...

March's Most Popular Photos

There were literally tens of thousands of photos uploaded during March but what photos in particular stood out from the crowd? Check them out here!

Lomography's New Limited Edition Camera!

We're proud to introduce a new camera that our designers and engineers painstakingly created. You're in for a big surprise after the jump!

Abandoned Yan Kit Swimming Complex

Yan Kit Swimming Complex is located along Yan Kit Road at Tanjong Pagar area. It opened in 1952 and was the second public swimming pool in Singapore. The pool has been closed since 2001 and is now abandoned.

Split-Cam, a One-film Encounter

If you want to get someone into the Lomography world, this is a good way to start - the camera is cheap, the image fusion results are very funny and the person will get to know the sometimes hard ways of analogue photography.

Irina Werning's Back to the Future Series

How would that old photo of you with a silly pose stack up when you try to replicate it today? Photographer Irina Werning tries to answer this with the funniest and nostalgia inducing photos!

The Top 100 Photos Which Were Uploaded on Monday and Commented/Liked on Tuesday

Yesterday has been a record day for our photos section: you have given out the most likes and comments ever during the second stage of our One Million Piggies Giveaway. So we thought: why not make a gallery of the top 100 out of all the photos that have been uploaded the day before during the first stage.

Street Flash Photography with Charlie Kirk

Armed with his trusty Leica and remote flashgun, photographer Charlie Kirk has been roaming and shooting the candid night scenes of Japan. Here's a quick interview with him by Eric Kim!

Quickie Tipster: Recycling Film Containers (Utility Canister)

Ok so you might think this a joke, BUT so did I until I tried it out and showed it to the world.

Diana's New Clothes

Hate your Diana Mini being nude and bored with the plain color? Want your Diana Mini owns a new clothes or more? Here's a way to make your Diana Mini looks more unusual and unique!


Don't Lose It, Diffuse It!

Sometimes the flash can be just a bit over the top, especially when you want to get real close. Here is a very easy, quick way to fix that!

Experiment with the new Lomography Redscale XR Film!

The past few weeks were an exciting time for film – prices were reduced, and new ones were introduced. And there’s no stopping us! Now we bring you two emulsions suitable for your analogue experiments - the Lomography Redscale XR 35mm and Lomography Redscale XR 120!

LC-A Big Book Chapter 72: Single Lens Reflex Cameras

With the development of SLR -cameras, the ability to compose your image exactly with a full range of functions (such as manual aperture and shutter speed settings) finally became possible, even with compact cameras.

Putting the Strip on the Strips

What to do with those film leads or film strips from rolls that didn't turn out well (aka screwed up)? Grab some short strips of film and place them in all sorts of places. Take photos of them ... bearing in mind that this will be the first exposure. I used an old SLR and set the exposure compensation to -1.