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Diana Snow Cat vs. Holga 120 N

Tangs: Orchard Road's Best Dressed Building

Tangs beat Ion Orchard, Orchard Central, and Paragon to win the title as Orchard Road's Best-Dressed Building this year. Tangs dazzled the judges and shoppers with a pop art inspired facade and a Christmas tree made of recycled cosmetics bottles.

The End of An Era

The clock is ticking close to midnight, actually some of you are already celebrating the New Year, and in Parsons, Kansas, the last roll of Kodachrome is being developed...

The Poor Man's Guide to Photolabs in Small-Town America

Here's a helpful (and kind of surprising) tip for all Lomographers in small-town America searching for photolabs and cheap, convenient, reliable processing for their 120 film!

Favorite 2010 Photo Rumble

Of all of the photos you've shot so far during this great year of 2010, which one is your favorite? Show us the one that you like most and get a chance to win some Piggies!

So This is Christmas... And Summer Too!

Christmas... It's snowing everywhere, children playing in the streets, families making snowmen and decorating, and carols are sung in front of the fireplace, right? Well, not really!

A Different Type of Nightshots

This tipster is about a technique which I call "High Quantity Multi Exposure" or short HQME. I assume that people have already done something like that before me but I couldn't find any information about it.

Dress Your Lomo

I know we all love our Lomo Cameras just the way they are, there's no doubt about that. But wouldn't it be awesome to have your own personalized camera?

Number Your Frames with a Double!

Ever thought of numbering your frames from 1 to 36? Why not run the roll of film through once and a second time looking for "numbers" to tag your pictures!

Dress Up for Christmas

This Christmas ... don't just give your loved ones cameras ...

Analogue Lifestyle: Lost and Found

After cleaning my room, I found a one-use camera that I hadn't gotten around to finish. I used up the rest of the film that weekend, and when my photos came back, I realized how much had changed.

Create Your Own Spinning Planet

Ever thought of living in your own planet? It is now easier to have your own planet with the Lomography Spinner 360º and a little bit of photoshop tricks.

Lomography Most Popular Photos of 2010: June

To go out and make good memories is one of the many goals one has to do when the summer season starts and Lomography will make it more special for everyone who pushes the shutter button!

Cheapest LCA+ skin @ SGD2

You have a tight budget, but you wanted to make your LCA+ less boring? This is most affordable way out

i-City Loves Analogue!

We all know that film needs light to produce a perfect photograph which is why daytime offers the perfect opportunity to take photographs with your analog camera. But what do you do if you want to take photos during nighttime? How will you be able to work around the low light situation? Well if you happen to swing by Malaysia, i-City in Shah Alam definitely gives you all the light that you need to make stunning photographs.

Kodachrome is dead... long live Kodachrome!

Diana F+ Flash: Retro Power!

What happens if your Colorsplash flash is not powerful enough in pitch black conditions? Use the Diana F+ flash! Besides it's retro chic look, Diana F+ flash is one of the most powerful flash in Lomography's product line up! [Asset:442681]

Weird Ideas Give Crazy Results: My Paperoid Technique

Here is a preposterous way to frame your friends with a bit of originality and absolutely no money. Here's me and my friends having real fun with the Paperoids!!

The Reflection

Canon Sure Shot WP: A nice surprise!

A quick review about this camera that amazed me in such a short time!

DIY Pinhole Rangefinder Mod!!

Camera + bottlecap + hole = sweet, sweet goodness!

The Night Time is the Right Time: Long Exposure Essentials

In the Northern Hemisphere of LomoLand winter is upon us. This means that the days are shorter, and when the sun is up, it will often spend a significant amount of time behind the clouds. Does that mean we should put our cameras away until spring arrives and everything around us thaws out?