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Hungry Go Singapore Rumble!

Hungry go where? Go Singapore, lah! Singapore is world famous for her street food -- the chicken rice, the char kway teow, the durian... the list goes on forever. We're challenging you to capture the best of Singapore cuisine and enter the ranks of the best of Lomography!

A Tutorial on Frugal Photography

In which our hero considers the economic state of things and realizes there must be a more cost effective way to feed his addiction. Or, frugal photography: more shots for your buck.

Lomo Kikuyu - Suddenly I See Rumble

Our eyes, which serve as the vital instrument in taking Lomographs, are often taken for granted. Let's try to change that, shall we? Let's celebrate the gift of eyesight together with the Lomo Kikuyu project!

Creatures of the Night

Do you like taking photos underwater? Here is a quickie tipster that I have for you if you want to take pictures underwater without the sun.

My Lomo-USB Flash Drive

If you are an analogue lover and you want your digital item to have a lomo flavour, here is the tipster for you! I have a simple way to turn your old USB flash drive into a lomographic beauty!

Big, brown boots

Spotted: Holga on an Online Children's Game Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is an online game aimed at children where you can adopt your own monster, you can then collect smaller monsters called moshlings. One of the newest moshlings is a camera named Holga who lives on 35 mil hill on Shutter Island.

Pin-Up Edna
Pin-Up Edna
Pin-Up Edna
Pin-Up Edna

Dramatic Sky With B/W Roll and Red Filter

In some cases, when you take a pictures of the blue sky with white clouds, you want to have more contrast. There is a solution to this -- red filter with black and white film. This will make the sky more dramatic.

Meeting Half Way

Double exposures always yield amazing images. What if you used a splitzer and double exposed your film? Have you tried doing it? I did and here are the results.

Turning a Broken Lens Into a Macro Lens

You're out and about and have your film camera slung around you and you're taking the most epic photos when suddenly, the cheap lens that you bought on the street for a price too low suddenly breaks. Now you are left with 2 lenses which are pretty much useless. Here's what I did.

Getting Organized: Storing Your Negatives

After being an avid lomographer for a number of months, I noticed my box of jumbled negatives just wasn't cutting it anymore: I couldn't find things I wanted to re-scan, I couldn't remember the dates that I took pictures, and it all just looked so messy! This afternoon, I made my own solution to this problem.

High Contrast Black & White: A Quest Came to its End

An epic quest to obtain high contrast with black and white processes finally came to its end.

Dead Eye on Dead Center

Reuben the Rabbit shows you how to make your pictures stronger by placing the subject somewhere other than square in the middle of the shot.

Audrey Hepburn Takes Her Baby Deer to the Supermarket

This photo of Audrey Hepburn going shopping with a baby deer (fun fact: the pet's name is Ip, short for Pippin) was taken by Bob Willoughby, who met her shortly after she arrived in Hollywood in 1953 and continued to shoot her for over a decade.

Graffiti Travels: NYC

Graffiti is not only an art, it tells a story. A huge hobby of mine is photographing graffiti whenever I travel. From Dublin to Florence, Miami to San Francisco. Here is my collection of New York street graffiti!