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Capturing Ghostly Movements At Night

Ever wanted to capture a ghost in you photo but never had? Here’s a tip how, so read on!

Ghostly Doubles: Spirited Away!

Double exposure is probably the technique most used by Lomographers. I like images all mixed up but sometimes I like to put some order in the house and tend to work my images so they can be distinct. When I'm up to it, I turn on the Ghost Mode!

Colorizing Black and White Photos

Here's a tipster on how to diversify and make highlights in b&w photography. Included are methods of manual coloring pictures as well as coloring with pens.

A 10 Step Guide to Superb Minimalist Photography

Whether you're someone who wants to venture into a new photographic technique or someone far along into minimalist photography, you might want to read through this very informative and inspirational article from PhotoTuts+ author Simon Bray.

Seeing Double - 3 Tips for Making Doubles

"Oh help, I'm seeing double" - Don't worry, it's just Double Exposures. But it's not always that simple as it sounds. Here are three basic hints that helped me and will hopefully help you too with your doubles.

Colourfun! Paint your Prints

I like painting on my prints and tried many techniques. Options are nearly unlimited. However if you want to reproduce the effects as shown in this pictures, here are some of my tips how to put an artistic, abstract touch on your pictures.

A weekend in Amsterdam.
turn off the bright lights
technicolour circus
Exploring with Abi

Pull my Leader: Using a Film Puller

There are all kinds of clever methods to get a disappeared film leader sticking out of its canister again. The easiest is using a film puller. Here's how it's done.

A 10 Step Guide to Understanding and Utilising Pattern

Patterns surround us in both natural and manmade forms, offering photographers great opportunities for dramatic and eye catching shots. But how do we best utilise pattern in our work? Today we’ll be taking a look at several different examples to better understand pattern in photographic composition.

The Agfa Vista Cocktail

Today on the menu: Agfa Vista ISO 200 in cider vinegar with added lemon-vodka mixed with orange juice and a pinch of washing powder.

Another Side of X-Pro

How come usually X-Pro means crossing slide film instead of crossing color negative film? Good question considering the outcome I got of a regular color negative film, I had developed as slide film – they're amazing. I love this soft vintage colors!

They Call Me The Filmdestroyer

They call me The Filmdestroyer. Maybe they are right. To take care of my rolls of film is something that haven't been doing for a while. I know that they haven't done anything to me and always have treated me good but I just try to distract them.

Destroying Film to Play with Color

I have recently completed my first film destroy mission and have been amazed at the beautiful warped colours it has produced! The best way to play with colours is to use the unexpected. So why not add a bit of excitement to your pictures and take a risk? Read on to find our more about my film destroyer which produced psychedelic results!

I'm Not Yet Tired

I don't want to insist, but the destruction is addictive. If you want to know how I destroyed a reel almost completely, continue reading.

Six Month Long Pinhole Exposures

You read the interview now learn how to do it! Pinhole expert Justin Quinnell showes us how to be creative with the use of time and with the light from the sun to make a six month long pinhole exposure. Try the experiment and let us know how it goes!

Cut and Paste the Analogue Way

The Clever Collages rumble from a few months back inspired me to get my scissors and glue and create something new! Here's how I created my own clever collage from the photos that I took!

Nighttime Shooting with the LC-A+

The Lomo LC-A is a compact and reliable camera that you can use during the day or night. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you make the most out of your LC-A when you shoot during the nighttime.

12 Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Analogue Photography

You have heard of many tipsters for your analogue camera. Here's 10 tips to improve your love relationship with analogue camera! Last Valentine's Day I presented him a Sprocket Rocket. Since then we both are shooting only with analogue cameras. We have more topics than before, we hang out more often, we saved and bought a scanner together, we try the same type of film, and so our love is getting deeper.

Heart Shaped Film Mask

Looking to put a little Love into your photos? Cutting a custom heart-shaped mask for your camera will frame everything you adore nicely. A simple mod that works on almost any film camera.

5 Tips on Portrait Photography

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your portrait photography skills. Read 5 simple tips on portrait photography that can add a little something to your photos.

The 10 Rules to Break in Photography

Rule 10 of Lomography: Don't worry about any rules.. Why? Well, read these simple ideas that will stimulate your creativity while going beyond the academic rules of composition.

Keep Your Lovely Lomo Cameras Safely

Here's a simple tip on how you can keep your Lomo cameras safely at home.

Back To Basics: Film 101

Good negatives make good prints. Bad negatives make prints that are too dark or are all blown out. This tipster is all about getting the balance right.

The Comprehensive Guide to Vintage Film and Cameras

For April's Phototuts+ feature, we'll be learning about various vintage films and cameras. Read on for this comprehensive guide from Cameron Knight.

The Lomographer's Survival Kit 2

Very recently, I came up with a basic survival kit for every Lomographer, containing some everyday and easy to find items. Admittedly, I missed out some neat additions, so a part 2 was in order! Read on to see if you need to include these items to your Survival Kit!

Easy Steps for Taking Beautiful Backlight Photos

In this tipster, I want to give lomographers a tip for shooting beautiful and lovely backlight photos. Isn't it great to have nice blue colour on the sky and those high contrasting colours of the subject you are shooting? I personally love it. There is a simple way to get these kinds of lovely shots which I found out around two years back.

Cameraless Photography: How to Create Chemigrams

Discover a whole new world of photographic possibilities and learn how to create positive and negative photographic images without a camera! All you need is light sensitive paper and developer, stop and fixer. Intrigued? Read on to find out more!

UK CitySlicker Eleanor: 10 Tips for Making the Most of Lomography

When I got the assignment to write a Tipster article, I was really stumped as to what to write. I’m not particularly artistic when it comes to making things and I don’t have a technological enough brain to figure out how to do something amazingly innovative so I thought I’d share some little hints and tips that I’ve picked up along the way.

How to Make Photograms

Between all the analog photography techniques, this is one of the simplest. Learn about how photograms are made in this quick tipster.