week 40: masquerade


if you follow the photographs i publish on lomo, you probably know two things about me already:
1. i love masks
2. i have been to venice recently (three albums of venice aren’t that easy to overlook ;) )

and well, these two things go very well together: venice is really famous for its masks and the carnival of venice. therefore you can find the most stunning masks you have ever seen in that city.
unfortunately the really beautiful masks are very expensive. the affordable ones, on the other hand, look too kitschy and cheesy for my taste.
but of course i had to bring some with me, so i purchased two “blank” masks for just 50 cents each with the plan to paint them myself :)
unfortunately i hadn’t the time to paint them properly yet. nevertheless i wanted to use them for a photoshoot already, so i quickly painted one of the masks black. here they are:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

i was going for a “black and white” theme on all the pictures, playing around with white and black backgrounds and light and dark clothes.

Credits: kekskonstrukt

and i don’t know why exactly, but this one is my favourite shot by far:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

i also love the film i used for this shoot – expired rollei retro 100. too bad i just ordered one roll back then, but maybe i’ll find it somewhere again.

have a look at all the photos here: masquerade
what do you think of the album?

written by kekskonstrukt on 2013-10-20