Kitschy Mini


A few weeks ago, I was mindlessly browsing the web, wasting my time as usual but hoping I’d eventually come up with something meaningful to do. I had just scratched the top of my precious Diana Mini by putting it in the same bag as my giant Pentax K1000 and tried to think of a solution to make up for my stupid mistake. After reading camera repainting tutorials, which involved dismantling the camera and therefore a significant risk of losing springs and screws – which, it appears, is my specialty – I realized that wasn’t quite the right answer for me.

So, I kept on wandering around the internet in search of an epiphany. And suddenly, it occurred to me! I had seen lots of pictures of customized Lomo LC-As (such as this one: and wondered if originally leatherette covered cameras were the only ones deserving nice and neat new dresses. This just could not be! It was decided; vinyl would be the key to sprucing up my Diana Mini!

I found some pieces of fake crocodile (or is it alligator?) leather on Ebay for a bit less than $15 and since I didn’t want to ruin the Mini’s blue/silver/black color harmony, I came to the conclusion that silver faux-leather was the way to go. Kitschy, isn’t it?

Before even buying anything, I decided to make a mock-up in Photoshop just to be sure this wasn’t the worst, tackiest idea ever. Well, it turned out to be pretty tacky but I still liked it. And while I was getting more and more excited at the prospect of having a super kitschy Diana Mini, I was completely oblivious of what was going on around me: my wife had a surprise for me. A really nice birthday present, something very useful but also the cutest thing ever: the Diana Mini Case! It is perfect. It protects the camera, is handy and allows you to take pictures without having to remove your device from it. And did I mention it is super cute?! But, (yes, there is a “but”) since there’s no need for the Diana Mini to ever get out of the case (if you don’t count loading/unloading film), the silver croc skin would never be seen. How sad…

It’s been a little more than three weeks since the tiny Mini got her cozy and comfy outfit and because I always seem to find a way to make my life complicated, I am, of course, still thinking about sticking some shiny silver skin on my plastic princess. Should I just shut up and go for it?

Here is my mock-up:

Credits: keeklo

written by keeklo on 2011-01-11


  1. marie-l
    marie-l ·

    No, don't shut up and go for it.
    Shut up, go for it and show us pictures when it's done!

  2. lomography_italia
    lomography_italia ·

    cool, we want in our shop!!