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Wide Angle Photography Tips: A Kaleidoscope Makes Your Fisheye Crazy

You know those toys that make you think someone gave you drugs when you look into them? Why not recreate the psychedelic patterns on your photos?

Doubles with myself

Pinholes & Sprockets - Making a Film Box Pinhole Camera!

Kodak? Fuji? Whatever film you use, save those empty film boxes my fellow lomographers and I'll show you how to can make your very own pinhole camera with them!

Most Popular Photos Uploaded in 2012

Millions of Lomographs have been uploaded over the year but only a handful will stick into our minds.

The Art of Using Backgrounds to Create Moody Photos

Do you want to know how you can utilize backgrounds to make your photos look striking, moody, and dramatic? You might enjoy reading this informative and inspirational article from PhotoTuts+ author Andrew Gibson and soon be on your way to taking photographs made better by great backgrounds!

Lomography x The Beth Edges: Colours Collide Rumble

For this rumble, we’ve joined forces with the band The Beth Edges. We’re looking for your best, most exciting analogue photos and LomoKino movies which you feel best capture the essence of their song ‘Colours Collide’. As well as great prizes, our best submissions could also be featured in an upcoming music video for the song! Read on for the full details.

Everything I Know About Photography, I Learned from My Cat

Read about how snapping pictures of my cat has given me inspiration and valuable lessons about film photography.

Life's Daily Photo Walk with MX Skills

this one is really easy. It's something you can easily try within all the techniques from MX. You can basically snap whatever you want, and you can create very unique shots! You just need to know how to MX it :)

Even Weirder Colours with Cross-Cross Processing!

What do you get when you process negative film in black and white, then reprocess it as colour? You get even weirder colours than cross-processing alone can ever produce! Read the full tipster to find out how!

Back Light Control and What it Does for You

If you have a camera with the ability to do back light metering, you can increase your ability to capture the pictures you really want.

Mini Instant-Photo Magnets

For my birthday my best friend and former room mate custom-made me magnets. For me, they doubled up as a housewarming gift that makes me feel nostalgic for analogue, and for some of my greatest memories, every time I grab myself something out of the fridge - which is often!

Love Expensive Film Effects but Can't Afford the Film? No Problem.

Take a pair of sunglasses, put them in front of your cameras lens, and shoot. The effects are unique and give you the more expensive film look with regular bargain bin finds.

A Little Guide for All Diana F+ Lovers

A guide of what? Well, its a little guide that I'm sure every Diana lover will find very useful.

Thanks to a Size Error: The Fateful Frame Mask of Diana.

You forget to put the mask frame and set the frame counter on 16 shots. You are convinced that you had immortalized the landscape. Look at the pictures and do not know why they seem like Dalì's puzzles. Well, you forgot the mask frame home.

Shoot with Redscale in Overcast Weather!

Do you like overcast weather? I prefer sunny days for going out and shooting films, however, I also do like overcast because it's the best time to shoot with redscale! I love shooting in redscale, and in this article I'll let you in on secrets for how to master shooting in redscale in overcast weather!

Multiple Exposures with Flowers!

The Multiple Exposure (MX) technique is one method to create some of the most unique photos know to Lomographers! We all love MX, but what are the techniques? Flowers are my favorite subject for MX. I often mix them with landscapes, old factories, trees and so on. Now, let's take a look at how we can create those wonderful images!

Capturing Autumn’s Natural Colours

What do you like to see when you’re browsing through Autumn photos? Is it all about the natural colours or do we need some special glow?

The Phoenix Zoo: Cut into the Landscape

Right outside of Tempe, Arizona is a little piece of paradise called Papago Park. It is an expanse of red rocks and desert and it is also home to one of Phoenix’s great attractions, the Zoo.

Destroying Film to Play with Color

I have recently completed my first film destroy mission and have been amazed at the beautiful warped colours it has produced! The best way to play with colours is to use the unexpected. So why not add a bit of excitement to your pictures and take a risk? Read on to find our more about my film destroyer which produced psychedelic results!

dance of the garden
Faux Warm

Vintage Halloween Postcards

How many of us still send or receive postcards for Halloween? Not a lot maybe, which I find kind of sad, as these cards used to be really interesting works of art. Take a look at some beautiful vintage postcards to see what we're all missing this coming spook-season!

Oddly Fascinating Photos of the 'Living' Dead

I've given everyone a fair bit of the fun side of Halloween, so now that we're counting down the hours to the spooky celebration, it's time for me to bring on the fright side. I have to warn you though--the photos you are about to see are potentially nightmare-inducing. If you're ready, read on to see some compelling photos of people you might not believe were already dead by the time they were photographed.

Brewed developpement No water just beer
Recovering colors!

Tipster of the Week: Colour Gels Are Awesome!

You know that the Diana F+ is one of the most versatile analogue camera of its kind - you can change its lens into a telephoto, superwide and fisheye! Change its back to make it a 35mm or Instax shooting wonder! And it can also be the sexiest pinhole you'll ever have! How about shooting rainbow-tinted photos with it? It can be done of course!

Ghostly Doubles: Spirited Away!

Double exposure is probably the technique most used by Lomographers. I like images all mixed up but sometimes I like to put some order in the house and tend to work my images so they can be distinct. When I'm up to it, I turn on the Ghost Mode!


Kodak Aerochrome: Red Hot Analogue Passion

I wasn't sure about which section of the Magazine I was supposed to submit this article. Reviews, Tipster, Analogue Lifestyle? The thing is that shooting this film is experiencing the best analogue and Lomographic sensations at a 100%. At the end I decided to write a review with touches of analogue lifestyle, and a little trick as a gift!

Respect The dead
Batu Night Spectacular