• stuff in kobe and osaka...

    shared by volker-jp on 2012-03-29

    ...taken with my lcwide in kobe rokko island and around osaka. Just some daily stuff, but I like how the pictures came out. I think I have used 200 asa thats why the pictures came out like red scale 100 film. next time I should try to get them less reddish toned...

  • stair gazing

    shared by ohlordy on 2012-11-30

    Test roll of velvia 100f x-processed through my newOLD LC-A . The seals are dust in the wind which results in massive leaks, loads of blanks and and thirteen lucky results.

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  • singles, doubles, quadrububbles and no triples

    shared by gauthierdumonde on 2012-11-07

    Mostly quadroubles

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    shared by sebastianerras on 2012-10-30

    We had some nice sunsets lately here in Paris and I took the opportunity to take a bike-ride to the Eiffel-Tower and take some pictures. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  • in search of a quiet corner

    shared by lomomowlem on 2012-10-19

    Dubai certainly lived up to it's reputation as one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world. Even in the small hours of the morning it was absolutely heaving with people. After searching high and low we eventually found this quiet corner and as an added bonus it had lots of comfy chairs.

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    shared by clickiemcpete on 2012-10-05

    Ahem, Lomolabs...I love the spicy soup you use to develop my slide films, the colors are always great. However, I really wish you'd be more consistent and send me my scans. Several times now I have gotten things developed but no scans as in the case of this roll which I had to scan myself...not that I mind scanning myself but I paid for scans too. Also, one SR roll went missing last spring and then a recent FE 110 roll was switched for someone else's and I never got my roll. Tell the folks at your lab to wake up dammit!

  • Ami Kamerami X Maduz #2

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    @Klassikstadt in Frankfurt

  • Another lights work

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    We had some nice sunsets lately here in Paris and I took the opportunity to take a bike-ride to the Eiffel-Tower and take some pictures. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Ami Kamerami X Maduz #2

    shared by maduz on 2012-10-05

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    Film soup with the selfmade redscale film

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    shared by emkei on 2012-10-29

    i used translucent color strips for this effect ;)


    shared by nizcovich on 2012-10-15

    Fotos hechas en Barcelona Tattoo Expo

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  • Doubles with opon21 #2

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  • Saint-Petersburg&Ivanovo

    shared by gotoarizona on 2012-09-18

    This roll from my good friend from Spb.. He gave me it in winter yet:D But i made it only in july.. He shot colorful bokeh. I made redscale and shot my layer on the street.

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    12 black and white snaps on my last day in the beautiful city of Madrid....

  • Protrait and radom shoot

    shared by albeelee on 2012-09-06

    @earlybird inspire me :) >>

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    The NYC weekend with peropero, before sandy brings it

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  • swan

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  • welcome to the jugle

    shared by gendis on 2012-10-24

    urban city

  • Have a break

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  • My first attempt at DIY Redscale

    shared by fisher-price on 2012-07-26

    I used Kodak Ultramax 400 film, but treated it as though it was a 200 since I was exposing the wrong side. I used a green filter on many of the shots and set the ISO to 100 to complicate for the loss of light this caused - it was a nice sunny day and so this was not a problem.

  • Mina ferma e composta

    shared by elettroshock on 2012-10-07

    My first set with a Model : Minafermaecomposta

  • Travel through southern England

    shared by keek66 on 2012-10-06

    Colourful impressions of Brighton, Porthsmouth and Corfe Castle

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    Most of these were with the 12mm Voigtlander lens and the rest were with the 35mm Summicron. I love the look of this film, must get more. :) Like an idiot I opened the bottom of the camera before rewinding so there were a few light leaks.

  • doubles with myself

    shared by emkei on 2012-10-03

  • Captain J F Walker

    shared by twizzer88 on 2012-10-09

  • Lomo Safari - #4 Red

    shared by ghidini on 2012-10-09

  • Double With Jetnz81

    shared by fayeusokoi on 2012-10-08

    I always want to snap some underwater portrait shot. In Fact I don’t have a krab or underwater camera than allow me to do this theme. After that, I found that Jetnz81 - a lomography from Tawau, Sabah, has taken a diving course, and took a lots of underwater shot during he went to diving. So I approach him with this theme. No doubt, he agreed with this idea. We choose to use LCW for this double. It is because we bought this super wide camera together during the big sales of lomography, and yet the easy focus point of LCW can let Jet have a clear and nice underwater shot. First shot done during Jet when to diving & I shot on second at Dance Factory, Thanks Kim for the crazy performance & Tan Theng for the lighthing. It always fun to try something different. Thanks Jetnz81 for the good shot!

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    More details on handmade color processing here:

  • Autumn began.

    shared by korppi on 2012-10-13

  • Double with Fayeusokoi

    shared by jetnz81 on 2012-10-13

    I'm too excited receive Faye invite to doing our 1st time DOUBLE. When she told me her idea with the Underwater & Dance theme, i totally can't imagine how awesome the result will come out ^^ First shot done by me when going to diving at Mabul Island, Semporna & Second shot by Faye at Dance Factory. Now we try discuss Second roll DOUBLE, hope it will bring another awesome album ^^ DOUBLE always fun and thanks Faye for the good shot.