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The Jacks and Jills of All Films: 110 Film

110 film was introduced by Kodak back in 1972 for their line of cameras called the Pocket Instamatic. Were you able to get the chance to shoot with this kind of film? We present some of our community members who have some cool 110 film photos!

All About 110 Film

The 110 film format was introduced by Kodak in 1972. Have you had the chance to shoot with this kind of film? Most us already know about the 35mm and 120 film format. But what about 110? Find out more after the break.

Adam Yauch aka MCA Climbing a Cinema Marquee With the Help of the Other Beastie Boys

"I shouldn't have logged on to the internet today…" that was my initial response when reading the news about Adam Yauch last Friday. The Beastie Boys have been around for as long as I can remember and even though they've matured over the years, they always remained young in my eyes. These are the reasons why MCA's death came as such a shock to me.

Neandertal and Neanderthal Museum
Frankfurt day 2 and 3

Analogue Spring Rumble

Spring is in the air! And it's time to get out of your analogue hibernation and start shooting! Join this season's photo rumble and you might just win something sweet! Read on...

Lost and Found: Family Snapshots with a Stolen Agfa Optima IIS Camera

In the '60s, my parents bought an Agfa Optima IIS, a fully-automatic 35mm camera. With this camera, they have made many photos of our family. Until in the '70s, when the camera was stolen. Recently, I found an identical camera on eBay, still working perfectly, and I immediately I bought it!

Day at the beach + upmarket

Digital vs. Analogue Photos

When I was travelling, I tried to compare the photos taken by a digital camera and an original film camera, specifically an LC-A+. Why don't we play a little game by guessing which photos were taken by which camera? It's a face-off between the old and new!

Workshop JARDÍN BOTÁNICO 24.03.12, Barcelona
Workshop 26 Noviembre 2011, Barcelona
Ziggy's Sister!!!
Saturday with friends
Saturday with friends
Saturday with friends
Summer trip to Abkhazia
Summer trip to Abkhazia
Summer trip to Abkhazia
Дворы Одессы

Exacta 135: The Cheapest Camera Ever?

When my good friend nicolas_noir told me he had purchased 17 brand new cameras for £11, I did not hold out much hope for the sort of quality photos the cameras would produce. Always in the mood for a bargain, however, I decided to take the plunge and see what happened.

lomo meeting Napoli

Some Tips in Composing Square Photos

Composing photos is somewhat different for square format. Let me share some of the things I have observed thus far.

A roll with x-pro elitechrome
A roll with x-pro elitechrome