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It Is The World That Made You Small by Brock Davis

Multimedia artist Brock Davis' kids sometimes won't eat their vegetables. So instead of consuming food, he creates littler-than-life sculptures out of it! Check out his Cucumber Killer Whale (Orca?), Rice Krispyhenge, Gummy Bearskin Rug, and more mini marvels here!

The 7 Analogue Changes in My Life

This is about the 7 changes I’ve come to pass when I entered the door of the Analogue World.

How to Customize Your La Sardina and Make It One of a Kind

If you always wanted to have a unique dope looking camera no one else has, this is for you! The La Sardina camera is predestined and you can give it a unique style.

The Non-Lomographic Use of My Lomo LC-A

The last of the Ten Golden Rules of the Lomography says: "Don't worry about any rules." So, I use my old Lomo LC-A, which I owned from the beginning of the 90s, in a traditional way, not the "lomographic" way. Always think about the composition before taking a picture!

When Long Exposure Meets Multi-Coloured Flash

I love to see pictures taken with long exposure mode that give outcomes like light painting, light trail, star trail and etc. So I came up with an idea: what if I combine the long exposure technique with multi-coloured flash? In my experiment, I'm using my holga 12MFC flash. Read on to see how it works.

Creative Corner: Getting Organized with Lomo!

For students, finals are coming up around the corner--that means cramming, studying, staying up late, and reviewing old papers. And for the others of you who work also, keep yourself organized with this month's lomo-tastic folder!

How To Take Double-Exposures Using Images from Your Computer

For all of you double-exposure lovers, here is a brand new way to shoot! To create funky photos anytime and anyplace, just grab your computer and a camera.

The Definitive Trick...or How to Get Films FOR FREE!

To take pictures, we need our cameras but without films, we can't do anything. Nowadays, prices have soared and the same people who today, take all our money, in the past they gave us the option of getting free films or albums.

Super Selfies: Should I Take More, or I Should I Stop?

Who should we love best? Ourselves, of course! We should love ourselves for what we do, for what we are, for what the mirror shows, and us by us…in the picture I mean! Put fears aside and be…narcissists!

Portraiture Made Easy

If you get frustrated when taking photographs of people, then help is at hand -- human beings are one of the most photographed subjects in the history of photography!

How to do C41 at Home

After almost two years of nonstop shooting film and more than $1000 worth of expenses on processing and prints, I needed to reconsider my budget and find a way of being able to shoot more and pay less. And then I started to process my rolls at home. It is as easy as it could be and I‘ll show you today how to do it, step by step.

Keep Your Lovely Lomo Cameras Safely

Here's a simple tip on how you can keep your Lomo cameras safely at home.

The Lomographer's Survival Kit

Just because we lomographers are carefree snapshooters doesn't mean we don't need some essential tools and supplies when we're out in the field. Let me share with you some of the basic stuff you can easily find and put together to create a Survival Kit!

Album Art Anatomy

David Bowie in a tube top? Vincent Capretta in heels? Okay, the latter's not so unusual but check out these totally random anatomy collages assembled from vinyl album covers by Swiss-American visual and musical artist Christian Marclay. Read to find out more about his latest exhibition.

The Cat in Analogue

It is undeniable that we Lomographers have an endless fascination for cats. Hey, I could bet that they are favorite subjects! Those cute felines, they surely make our day!

Back To Basics: Film 101

Good negatives make good prints. Bad negatives make prints that are too dark or are all blown out. This tipster is all about getting the balance right.

Square Format Tips: Diana Parallax or 'Off With His Head'!

The Queen of Hearts isn't the only one capable of beheading! Diana is another lady adept at it. Here are a couple of simple tips to help avoid the problem of chopping people's heads off.

Am I Too Old for Lomography?

Read about the thoughts of a thirty-something engineer based in Tokyo on the correlation of age, Lomography, and the realization of doing something you love other than a 12 hours a day job.

Fashionistas in Canada!

It's Canadian Catwalk season, and our Lomography Canada's Kimon Kaketsis has captured the most eye catching fashionistas during Fashion Week for Fall 2012. Do you have passion for fashion? Take out your Lomography Camera and start shooting the most striking attires you see in your city!

Shoot with Your Dream Camera at Lomography Gallery Store Toronto

Featuring the Lubitel 166+, LC-A+, and Horizon Kompakt. Get the chance to learn and try one of these dream cameras.

How to Use Expired Film

Why does a film expire? What's the difference between expired film and fresh film? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this Tipster!

5 Tips on Portrait Photography

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your portrait photography skills. Read 5 simple tips on portrait photography that can add a little something to your photos.

A Tutorial on Frugal Photography

In which our hero considers the economic state of things and realizes there must be a more cost effective way to feed his addiction. Or, frugal photography: more shots for your buck.

Introducing Analogue Alberta

Two active lomographers from Alberta have joined forces to share the joy of analogue photography with their communities.

LomoAmigo Adam Goldberg and the LomoKino

We might have always thought that the LomoKino is a continuing path for our analogue lovin'... But then, upon seeing the LomoKino, Adam Goldberg or adamgoldberg just couldn't pass the lovely analogue movie maker. Read on our interview with him and know more about the LomoKino as it invites more analogue lovers through out the world!

Holiday Cookie Cutter Competition - Winners Announcement

Thanks to everyone who took part in the huge Holiday Cookie Cutter Competition - It was clear from scouring through the submissions that many of the entrants had put loads of effort in to create their cookie artworks! Read on to see if you are one of over 50 competition winners!

Tint Your Photos with Beets

Forgot your precious color gels? Did you say goodbye to the colorsplash flash at the wrong time, or do you simply want to play with your photos and paper? This is a great trick that makes it easy to give a different feel to your photos!

Hoorayzon: The Horizon Kompakt Fling

I borrowed halfwakehaiku's Horizon Kompakt for a Lomo wedding shoot and was able to to use it for a couple of weeks. It was short, but nonetheless a memorable relationship.

Filthy Filters

My version of "life_on_mars'" tipster on rasta filters. Find out how I created my rasta filters after the jump.

Heart Shaped Film Mask

Looking to put a little Love into your photos? Cutting a custom heart-shaped mask for your camera will frame everything you adore nicely. A simple mod that works on almost any film camera.

No Tripod, No Worries!

I realize this is probably obvious to a lot of experienced lomographers, but I had been shooting for over 8 months before realizing I could easily do long exposures without a tri/mono pod. So for any newbies out there - don't be afraid to long expose without any other equipment.

Give Some Color to Your Fisheye

Do you want to turn your Fisheye Flash into a color flash? With this simple tipster you will be able to fill all your photos with color.

Show Your Films by Candlelight

If you have some film negatives in your drawer that didn't make you very happy, it's time to bring it to the light. You can create a very analogue environment with this tipster!

Make Yourself a Splitzer

Make your own Splitzer! All you need is black electrical tape, a creative imagination and you're all set! Learn how I created my splitzer after the break.

Every Lomographer's Best Models: Cats!

We lomographers adore cats. They are always the best models for our lomographs. Their eyes, their whiskers, their fur--all are so good-looking in their own ways. Below are some fun facts about cats I found on the internet and some awesome lomographs taken by our fellow lomographers and me myself. Read on after the jump.

Hanging Your Photos Loose

Here is an idea on how to display your photos. It’s about filling all corners of your house with the photos that you took. My next thought when the word “photo” comes in mind is the word “frame”. That’s getting kind of old. Learn more after the break.

How I Created My First LomoWall

The LomoWall, a board full of random lomographic photos, was the idea and invention of our lomographic community. This was the first major thing I wanted to make when I first signed in to the Lomographic Society.

Recycling Spools and Canisters

Always ask for your lab to give you back the film spools and canisters after developing. Just ask them to give it back to you afterwards.

Quickie Tipster: Used and Unused Films

If you are a crazy photographer and you keep your unexposed and used films together, and also have multiple cameras loaded at the same time, having a bit of discipline and organization can be a great idea.

Sprocket Holes: 135 Film in a 120 Roll

There are many ways of shooting with 135 in a 120 camera to sensitize the sprocket holes. This is an option in wich you can use the paper protection roll of 120 films.