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Lomógrafos de Córdoba (Argentina)

Transcurrido el año 2011 en Córdoba (Argentina), una ciudad oculta en un país donde ni siquiera existe una Tienda Lomo, donde la fotografía analógica parece perseguir el camino de la extinción. Donde los carretes que venden en las tiendas no superan en 5 tipos distintos de variedades y opciones para elegir... Si... en este entorno hostil y analógico-apocalíptico, fue que un grupo de lomógrafos totalmente desconocidos entre sí pudieron encontrarse y comenzar esta revolución...

The Anatomy of a Camera

Curious as to what is exactly inside your camera? As in every little nut and bolt inside? Well, artist Todd McLellan shows you just what's under the hood!

Beirut shoots with the Lomo LC-A+

Over the past few months we have been very fortunate to become bff amigos with some of the finest acts in music. This month, we bring you 4 new Lomo LC-A+ "Music" Amigos. We are proud to present the first of these brilliant bands, the one and only Beirut.

Amber Tamblyn shoots with the LC-A+

Amber Tamblyn, known for her starring role in 'The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants' takes us on a tour in her brand-new flair into the Lomographic life!

Elijah Wood shooting with the Lomo LC-A+

This man needs no further introduction - acting in top-billed roles for films like 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Everything is Illuminated', Elijah Wood is no stranger to the limelight - Join us as we turn that around with our intimate gallery and interview with the Hobbit himself!

Our Thoughts Are With Japan

As we read about the devastating news from Japan, we are stunned and shocked. As a community, we need to come together and help our fellow friends, our Lomography family, as well as people in need.

The Discovery of the LOMO LC-A

As we all know, the future is analogue! From Moscow to Manila, London to Tokyo, Lomographers all over the world are forgetting all the rules and shooting from the hip - creating millions of wonderful analogue magic! But, let's take a look at how it all began and find out how the discovery of one mysterious little snapshooter, triggered an international analogue revolution.

Catching up with LomoAmigo Neil Gaiman!

Writer Neil Gaiman, shares some of his newest photos, as well as answers to the questions posed by the Lomography community. Psst! We're also giving away his old LOMO LC-A+! Read after the jump for more...

Influential Photographs: The Beatles’ Abbey Road Album Cover, 1969 by Iain Macmillan

All they did was fall in line and walk across the zebra lane and all people fell in love with their monotonous strides in bell-bottoms. Who says that a 10-minute photo shoot can’t be the most imitated album cover of all time?

Balda Baldessa 1b: I Think I Am In Love

When I was at school, and I was learning French, I never understood why the French language described inanimate objects as either masculine or feminine, similarly, in German. In the English language we just have things. It is a table. It is not feminine or masculine, transgender not even just going through a phase. It is simply a table nothing more. As I grew up and became more interested in my own language the thought of non gender specific objects disappointed me. I think for all the richness and complexity of the English language, for the times we were conquered and our language evolved; that we don’t feminise or masculinise objects is to our linguistic detriment. Of course the problem is that it is not the thing that is masculine or feminine, it is the prefix to the word itself in the construct of the language that denotes gender. So, in English a camera can never be referred to as male of female because the prefix “the” or “a” is with out gender and renders the object itself sexless. Or does it? My case and point to you is the Balda Baldessa

I am Number Four Does Analogue

One of 2011's newest big screen offerings, I am Number Four doesn't exactly deliver the goods but hey, is that an analogue camera I see? That's good enough for me!

Mixing 400 ISO with 800 ISO

I bought a Lomography 800 ISO film this winter, just to try it out. As I put it in my LC-A, I found out that the ISO settings reach to 400. I got a bit frustrated, although I still hoped that the film could come out well. And actually, it did!

How To Be As Happy As Epicurus

Tired of that daily digital grind? Want to take a different approach to life? Why not try out these awesome tips from the Ancient Greek self-help guru Epicurus!

20 Analogue Acts of Kindness

Simple acts of kindness sometimes get forgotten amongst the business and busy-ness of everyday life. We’re often too occupied sending that email, editing that playlist or updating our status to pay attention to what’s happening in the real world. Let’s change that! Leave that digital grind behind for a moment and try out some of our analogue acts of kindness – Simple photographic ideas for making a positive impact on the people around you!

35 Reasons to love 35mm Film

Film truly is a Photographer’s best friend - And to prove it, here are 35 reasons to love 35mm film (or any kind of film for that matter!).

Ways To Reduce Your Digital Grind

Everyday we wake up to a digital world - all tangled up in wires and waves of electronics and machines and gadgets. A simple weather check is done online, we wait impatiently for the *beep* when our food is ready, and send e-cards on birthdays. Give it all a break! Here are a few tips to make your hectic lifestyle a little more analogue.



Pussy Willow Explosion
Ho Ho
Pearl Ridge
LC-A+ RL 1st Roll