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    shared by sweetyyydreams on 2014-04-08

    Some shots of the Taj Mahal in Agra and of the Wind Palace in Jaipur

  • On to the big leagues...

    shared by sandravo on 2014-03-24

    Two weeks ago I got another serious GAS-attack, and we all know there's only one way to fix this! This is the first roll shot with my latest addition, affectionately called "The Beast". Developed with Rollei Digibase C41 kit:

  • Zoé and the cat

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    Dev with D-76 + Hypo Model: Allina

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  • Lomo purple, Blackbird, fly, 4. 2014

    shared by togotogo on 2014-05-01

    don't think. feel.

  • Random Leftover Photos...

    shared by herbert-4 on 2014-05-01

    Some random leftover photos, including blurry kitty...

  • Tulips :)

    shared by kleeblatt on 2014-04-30

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    kage no bunshin jutsu

  • Center of Milan

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    My facebook page:

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  • beachdays

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  • Complete Lomo WorkOut

    shared by sandravo on 2014-04-30

    Had a complete Lomo Work Out today! Analogue camera: check, Expired film: check, Mask: check, Xpro of CN in tetenal E6: check. The deliciously colorful looking sandrasprock-rainbow-mask was sent to me by the amazing Buckshot ( Make sure to check out his lomohome, he's a great lomographer and a fantastic storyteller! ________________________________________ Home developed in Tetenal E6 -bath kit

  • Kodak EIR

    shared by frauspatzi on 2014-04-13

    i used different filters, orange, red, yellow ;-)

  • Blue Grotto

    shared by kleinerkaries on 2014-05-02

    Malta 2014

  • When I Fall in Love Purple

    shared by opon21 on 2014-05-02

    Green wave bangkok bike lanes

  • Searching for stars

    shared by sandravo on 2014-04-26

    Spent some more time out in the dark, this time searching for stars. Got the moon as an extra ;-) Rollei Digibase C41 dev:

  • Sprocket Rocket + Kodak Gold (expired)

    shared by emkei on 2014-04-24

    some color filters :)

  • 幻想の園 -spring illusion

    shared by hodachrome on 2014-04-29

    double exposure, with a selfmade splitzer for holga

  • Malta

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  • Little stroll

    shared by stacy_mcpommes on 2014-04-26

    on one of the last days before spring kicked in!

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    shared by kangiha on 2014-04-28

    I got a vintage Canon II from 1947 working and finally got a roll through it. What a beautiful little camera. Takes great shots. Apparently it was made to be a Leica contender. I've never gotten to shoot with a vintage Leica but this thing is a lot of fun.

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    shared by masha_njam on 2014-04-27

    Our easter travel to Rügen island with Andre's family . Was windy and increadibly beautiful

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  • Bird Watching

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  • Halensee

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  • ❀ Flower Art

    shared by tsingtao on 2014-02-27

    Double with paintings of my boyfriend Fabio! My facebook page:

  • Sunset Smears

    shared by mafiosa on 2014-01-30

    Just goofing around on the Horizon with my niece at sunset. Love the smearing effect :)

  • Pleasant Surprise

    shared by blueskyandhardrock on 2013-02-19

    I went on eBay a few weeks ago to find more Agfa film, cos right now I am absolutely obsessed with them, when I found a listing for a film called Agfachrome 50L. The listing had 5 of them and the seller had warned that he didn't know what the condition of the film was as he had only gotten it from an estate sale. Still, the film already got my attention and I didn't wanna miss the opportunity of seeing what the film does so I bought it anyway. It turns out that that I made the right move because this film, which has a light but noticeable pink hue, is just amazing! Check out my latest Analogue Girl About Town article that was inspired by this film:

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  • unexpected model

    shared by erikagrendel on 2014-04-22

    after long encouragement, I had the first model :) the place of pics: home and botanical garden grain and numbers visible, no idea why. date: 12.4.2014, analogue photography day :)

  • Velvia rocks !

    shared by kleeblatt on 2014-04-18

    First trip to the lake with my bicycle this year :)

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  • Time to bite the bullet...

    shared by sandravo on 2014-03-21

    … and find out for myself how hard it is to create the perfect EBS-mirror-image. Duplicating the same framing wasn't too hard, but something went wrong with the film realignment (causing the redscales to shift to the right). Better luck next time! Oh yes, there will be a next time! Developed in Rollei Digibase C41:

  • BKSPicture

    shared by bkspicture on 2014-03-19

    You can find more of my work on my homepage: _________________________________________ Also have a blog where I write about my photo experience, tips and trick etc. . . . . . . . . _________________________________________ Facebook:

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    shared by suizidekid on 2014-03-03

    Apx 100 + Apx 400 Nikon FE2 + Zenitar 16mm Fisheye

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  • Winter vs. Spring: 0-1

    shared by sandravo on 2014-02-17

    More swirling petzval shots. Developed in Rollei Digibase C41 kit:

  • On the steep hills of Lakatnik - one year later

    shared by adash on 2014-02-03

    I took the chance to get up the mountains. Got a good weather and met interesting people as a reward.

  • all because of the article - a hell of a nice view

    shared by bloomchen on 2014-02-06

    it's an ambivalent thing with old shots but just because i was looking for some shots for an article i wrote about my 17 years of lomography ( i found some that look pretty nice i think or are somehow not too bad ;) here are some shots from corse.

  • Dreamy balloon flight!!

    shared by gocchin on 2014-02-01