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Perfectly Exposed, No Batteries Required

No exposure meter, no batteries, no problem; make perfectly exposed photos with this handy DIY exposure calculator.

Making an Instant Camera from Popsicle Sticks

If you've got quite the sweet tooth like me and love instant photography as well, here's a project you can do that covers the best of both worlds!

Homemade 35mm Adapter for Holga 120

I'd like to share with you all, this adapter I made for my Holga 120N

Creative Corner: Film Flash Drive

Need a place to store your beloved, scanned lomographs? Here's a creative way to spice up your memory drive with some analogue love! Read more about how to make your own after the jump.

Click Click and Away Rumble! Plastic Fantastic Edition!

Fancy getting yourself a Lomographic camera without spending a cent or even piggy? Then join in the most fun rumble ever as we start another clicking marathon that’s about to begin just right now!

Do Not Cover the Film Counter

Another accidental trick and this one looks great too!

Tipster of the Week: The New Age of Wall Merging

Here's a tip for Lomographers who would like to see a good old Lomowall in their homes!

iamafoolbutilovehim's Sweet Lomography Chocolates

Heavenly and utterly delightful chocolate cameras are perfect conversation pieces in your next Lomo party as Sarah of Lomography tries making a batch!

Roast Your Film

A tip on how to accelerate film expiration (because you love expired film but just couldn't wait)!

Truco rápido: revelar fotos más tarde no es malo

¡El dinero es escaso y la crisis puede provocar que tengamos que esperar un poco más para revelar nuestras fotos! ¿Y qué? ¡Hace que te sorprendas más cuando consigas revelarlas!

¡Dale a tu Diana un nuevo look !

¿Quieres que tu Diana sea más especial de lo que ya es? Haz que luzca un nuevo look a partir de un diseño propio.

Rincón Creativo: Acordeón doble para fotos

¿No sabes cómo exponer tus fotos favoritas? ¡Aquí tienes una nueva manera de mostrarlas por tu casa, oficina o habitación!

La gran aventura de Lavar el film

Más que un truco fue toda una aventura donde pase de la tristeza al amor. Protagonizada por mi mami y yo.

Jugando con color: imitando la película Revolog Kolor

Siempre he querido probar la película Revolog Kolor pero, por el momento, he probado un sustituto hecho por mí.

Dibujando con luz: bailando en la oscuridad

¿Quieres afinar tus dibujos con luz? ¿Sueñas con figuras resplandecientes y definidas en tus fotos? Sigue estos pasos y podrás crear lomografías brillantes.

Jugando con estenopeicas: convierte una caja de película vacía en una cámara estenopéica

La mayoría de nosotros, los lomógrafos, tendemos a acumular cajas vacías de película por todos lados, deseando poder reciclarlas de una manera ocurrente. Esta es sólo una de las muchas cosas interesantes que puedes hacer con ellas: ¡cámaras estenopeicas! Echa un vistazo a este sencillo tutorial sobre cómo construir tu propia cámara estenopeica de 35mm con sólo un par de cosas básicas que puedes encontrar fácilmente en casa.

Subexponga, por favor

Una pequeña orientación a la hora de hacer subexposiciones ;)

Photographing Animals is Hard to Resist

I know everyone has a soft spots for the furrier species, and there's something about taking pictures of them that's so dang hard not to do. This is a tipster telling you how I go about trying to capture them and my favorite places to go to see them.

Dazzling Doubles: Is the Splitzer Cheating?

There are some truly stunning double exposures showcased within the Lomography community, but I have always been too nervous to double up my pictures so boldly! However, accidental doubles always make me laugh, and sometimes make for great photos. Since I started experimenting with the Splitzer, a whole new realm of possibility has been revealed!

Astrophotography: The Easy Way!

I decided to shoot a roll of doubles with myself layering the stars of the night sky with ordinary things down on Earth!

A Simple Guide to Making a Panograph

Panographs are simple and fun and there's a only a few guidelines to remember when making these stunning images.

Double Film in a Camera?

Have you ever thought of loading your camera with two films? Probably not. And to be honest, I think it wouldn't even work, or would it? But I had an idea similar to that, which anyone can do.

Making a DIY Cardboard Aperture

Have you ever been fascinated by the aperture in your camera lenses, and wondered how they operate? If you have some time to spare, this is a simple project that mimics the mechanics of an aperture - using card and foam boards!

Develop Films by Yourself

I finally decided to try and develop my film rolls by myself. I did this since I wanted to try and cross-process my films easily. Find out how I did it!

How to Scan Film Without a Film Scanner

If you're just starting in analogue photography, like me, it's probable you don't own a film scanner. Well, no worries, I found a cheap way to scan your film using your old multifunctional scanner or any other simple scanner.

PIMhole Tutorial: Make Your Own DIY Pinhole Camera

If you've ever wanted to make your own pinhole camera but you don't know how, here are some steps that could help you! You can easily make a pinhole camera out of a juice box!

The Film Retriever!

Lost the end of your film, want to do double exposures, no specialist tools in sight?? No problem!

Light leaks on Diana Mini !

My Diana Mini is my best friend and it produces beautiful little pictures! But only recently have I found a way to get some light leaks on demand into that bad girl, without having to do drastic changes to her...

Painting your Diana

Most Dianas all look alike; black with turquoise. You could buy one of the colored clones, but even then; you're still getting a design someone else came up with in colors you'll probably see again. But I wanted my Diana to be different! So I decided to look for a way to change the colors of my camera. I decided to spraypaint my Diana in my favorite color; purple! This shows the steps I took to paint my Diana.

Diana F+ Modification: ISO Boost

Give your Diana an ISO Boost. Have you noticed that the Diana loves how those speedy 400 ISO films snatch up the light? That is just fine, but there are many more varieties of 100 ISO on the market. Rather than miss out on all those daring films why not modify your Diana to achieve similar results as a 400 ISO with a 100 ISO film?

Diana F+ Modification: Exposure Timer

Normal mode on Diana is a fixed exposure time of 1/100 or "as long as you hold down the button". with this mod you´ll get a timer, which is ideal for long night-time exposure and evening/indoor pinhole exposures. This means it only works in "b" mode. It´s pretty easy to do….

Diana F+ Modification - Spinshot Mod

Create super panoramas, up to 360° - Shoot a roll of film in less than 20 seconds - Experience a new way of shooting – It’s all possible with the Spinshot Mod!

DIY Photo + Name Sticker

Make your Lomographs into something new. Label your cameras. Make your own sticker!

Process Your Film at Home

I love shooting photos, but hate having to wait for my film to be processed and the cost of getting it processed. There is an easy way to process your own film at home.

Playing With Color: Cross Processing

Color negative films can give you interesting effects, but when you truly want to play with color, cross processing is the only way to go.

Splitzer Technique: The Timezone

The Splitzer is a great tool for taking control of your shots. Now, you can also start taking control of time! Find out how after the jump!

Creative Corner: Instax Albums

Inspired by my heightening stacks of instant photos, I decided I needed more places to put them than just in a box somewhere in my closet. So gather up some of your favorite instax photos and read on for how to make your very own photo album!

Vintage Camera Ads Part III: 110 Cameras

Since we've been all about the comeback of the handy 110 film with Lomography's Orca B&W film, we're giving you more interesting stuff to inspire and get you shooting in 110 format. Take a look at some vintage advertisements featuring some of these pocket analogue buddies after the jump!