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Lomography x Nixon Surf Challenge : When the Lomochrome Purple Film Goes Surfing

The Lomography team is very proud of having supported the Nixon team during the six-day Nixon Surf Challenge 2014 in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. The infamous Lomochrome Purple film even got the chance to meet the riders and capture some fantastic landscapes on the Pacific Ocean !

Throwback Thursday : Vintage and New Surf Photography Still Making Splashes

Capturing the allure of the sea in all its briny glory is probably one of the most dangerous yet fulfilling areas of photography there is. The crashing of the waves, magnificent tubes and images of the sun trailing off in the horizon at the end of the day are few of the rewarding sights in that light.

Let Your Creativity Show in an Instax!

Push the Fuji Instax Mini 8 to its creative limits! Learn how to let your Lomographs shine for all the world to see in your instant prints. Depending on your inspiration, most of these manipulations can be done “in an Instax.”

Shoot Me By The Sand

For most people, the summer season equates to quality time at the beach! And why not, right? The sun's out, the waves are dancing, and the sand's just divine!

A Quick Tipster to Make Ghostly Doubles

Do you want to surprise your friends with pictures full of ghosts for the next Halloween party? Here are some tips to obtain some ghostly doubles!

A Basic Guide: How to Make the Most of 120 Film.

120 film was one of the first Lomo products we came in contact with, and has always been among our favourites, often helping us to publish with magazines such as Vice, Kaltblut, and others. Limited frames shouldn't stop you. We hope to spread love for this format, so here are all the basics you need to enjoy it the most!

Scanning 120 Film with the Lomography Film Scanner

Lomography’s new film scanner is a brilliant device specifically designed for quick scanning of 35mm film. For those of you who share my love for medium format, let me show an easy way to use the film scanner for 120 film scanning.

Tip for Scanning Your Negatives Without a Scanner

Do you want to scan your negatives a different way? I have the solution, you don't even need a scanner! Just keep reading and you'll see! :)

Make a DIY Split Color Filter for your Lomography Cameras!

This tipster shows how you can make a simple DIY Split Color Filter for your Lomography Camera (I used LC-A) using the coloured gel from Diana flash.

Instax 210 Wide Multiple Exposure

Instax Wide Camera 210 is an instant camera made by Fujifilm. I want to share some tricks to get multiple exposures using the Instax Wide 210.

Film Lab Rat: Stimulated Film

Fact: We consume caffeine every single day in one form or another. Most of us, if not all, are addicted to coffee and had made it a part of our morning ritual to drink a cup to keep us energized. This gave me an idea to try and use it to stimulate a normal film.

What to Pack for Backpacker Travelers

Are you planning a trip and only taking a backpack with you? If you are, then you need a check list! Read on to know what essentials you should bring on your traveling adventure!

US CitySlicker sixsixty's Ultimate Lomography DIY: Develop Your Own Film: Part 1

Come with us on a journey through space and time to partake in the ultimate DIY adventure: developing your own film. In part 1 we will cover C-41 color negative and the lomo fan favorite: cross processing.

Recycle your 35mm Canisters to Make Home for 120 films!

Actually for a long time I didn’t know that 120 film sometimes comes with a canister, none of the films I had bought over the past 4 years had these. It’s quick and easy to do and helps the environment by re-using stuff instead of discarding it.