How I fell in love ...


I’d say I’m an accidental Lomographer. I got given my first Lomography camera by a very good friend of mine (Christy) for Christmas a few years ago. It was a first generation Fisheye. A funny looking thing, but I thought I’d give this film contraption a go and I snapped away over the Christmas holidays. I fell in love with the results! I was addicted from there, a round 18 months later I bought an LC-A+ and that became my main camera and still is. My girlfriend got my an Oktomat for Christmas 2009, earlier this year I bought the Mini Diana and Yashica T4 , I’ve found both cameras really fun to use and loved the results . Just a few days ago I bought a Contax T2 and a Super Sampler, along with 19 rolls of Lomo film. I’m addict, that’s for sure. I keep looking out for what accessories to buy, whether it’s an instant back for my LC-A+ or a flash for my Mini Diana.

Credits: johnccc

written by johnccc on 2010-12-01


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    So familiar feelings:)

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    : )

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    which one is your favorite?

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    Camera ?

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    Cool article

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    Thanks !